Flourishing in the House of the Lord - A Daily Devotional

Day 2 of 3 • This day’s reading


 Pot-bound Christians 

We’re looking at what it means to flourish in the house of the Lord, and the two common barriers that stop us from doing it. Remember, Psalm 92: 13 says: 

“[When] they are planted in the house of the Lord, they flourish in the courts of our God.”

Have you ever been in an office building and seen a lovely plant display? The plants are grouped in a container and covered with bark or stones. There’s an illusion that they’re all together, but in reality they’re still in separate pots.

What’s your pot? Is it cultural – you don’t feel that you fit in with other people? Have you become cynical? Are you afraid of being hurt? There are so many reasons for us being ‘pot-bound’.

Let’s take some honest inventory: Are we attending a church and still not putting our roots down, still not committing to God’s plan?

Because an amazing thing happens when you move a plant from potted soil to solid ground. Its roots go down deep into the earth. It gets strength, it grows, and it bears the most amazing fruit...which could never happen while it’s in the pot.

The second barrier is being judgmental.

Let’s pray for a revelation here! I have enough of my own sins without being in bondage to yours. Likewise, you have enough personal sins without being in bondage to the sins of other people in your church.

When we judge others, we focus on the things they’re doing wrong. That’s a dangerous attitude that can trap us and tear our church family apart, just like it does with brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.

My friend, there is no perfect church. If there were, and you and I went to it, it wouldn’t be perfect anymore, because there are no perfect people. 

We will experience first-hand the sins of other people if we put our roots down in a church fellowship, in the house of the Lord. It’s an absolute given.

You and I have different strengths and weaknesses, and if we’re going to be godly Christians – Spirit-filled, committed brothers and sisters in the body of Christ – will we accept the responsibility of saying to each other, “I’ll love you anyway, even when you fail me”? 

How about it? Will you do that? 


  • How many close relationships (other than your own family) do you have in your church?
  • How satisfying and enriching are those relationships? Do you feel joy when you speak with others at church? Can you be your honest, authentic self?
  • If you were in need, is there anyone in your church that you’d be able to turn to for help? 
  • As you consider your answers to these questions, do you see that you’re well-connected and flourishing? Or do you have a suspicion that you might be ‘pot-bound’?