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This Changes Everything: The Hope of Encountering Life Himself
Welcome to Grace Chape! The Gospel is the miraculous story of God reconciling us to Himself through the accepted payment of Jesus Christ. We know we are forgiven because of the resurrection of Jesus. When we place our faith in Him, we are given hope for the fear we face and joy that surpasses sorrow.
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When we encounter the Risen Jesus, we experience His TENDERNESS, we see His surpassing GLORY, and are given His resurrection HOPE.
Life with the risen Lord calms our SORROW. (vv. 10-15)
Five Miracles of the Resurrection Recorded by John:
· The stone was rolled away.
· Jesus’ body was gone.
· Angels appeared in Jesus’ place.
· Jesus returned in bodily form.
· Jesus ascended to the Father.
Life with the risen Lord restores our JOY. (v. 16)
How does the resurrection promise me joy in my hardships?
Life with the risen Lord anchors us in HOPE. (vv. 17-18)
The resurrection makes the opportunity for a relationship with God a reality.

- Write down 10 things I am fearful of and then write a Bible verse that counteracts that fear.
- Tell another person about my joy in the Lord that comes from knowing Christ has risen from the dead.
- Pray for a greater sense of hope for me and those around me.
- Memorize Hebrew 1:3.

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