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This Changes Everything: The Linchpin in God’s Plan
Welcome to Grace Chape! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the linchpin of the entire Christian faith. Without it, our faith would be “Futile” (1 Corinthians15:17). When we are facing distress, disorientation, and disengagement in our faith, we can look to the power of God in the resurrection of Jesus Christ for help and hope.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
If Jesus did not rise from the dead in the flesh, then the framework of the Christian faith folds and can no longer support the weight of our lives.
God is always at work and ready to manifest His RESURRECTION POWER in our distress, disorientation, and disengagement.
God never stops working and He asks me to never stop believing.

Unbelief Causes DISTRESS: The Absence of the Body

Incomplete Understanding Causes DISORIENTATION: The Presence of the Burial Clothes
Lack of Conviction Results in DISENGAGEMENT: The Disciples Return Home
When we underestimate the power of the resurrection in our lives, we will grow apathetic in our actions and lose our impact

- Evaluate the areas where my faith is lacking and pray for God to grown it.
- Confess to someone I trust where I have disengaged with God’s work in my life, and ask them to help me get back on track.
- Read all of John 20.
- Memorize 1 Corinthians 15:17.

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