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This Changes Everything: Behold the Word of God
Welcome to Grace Chapel! The Word of God is used to refer to the Bible and to Jesus Christ. Christ verifies the Bible and the Bible calls us to faith in Christ. There is a necessary interdependence of the Bible and Christ that demands a decision of faith in us. We must believe in Jesus and live a life that is evident of that belief.
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The WORD OF GOD is the message of Christ that will save us and the truth of Christ that will transform us.

•The Word of God is THE BIBLE
•The Word of God is JESUS CHRIST

God is the only one who can CREATE humans and He is the only one that can RECREATE humans.
Jesus Christ is the only one who predicted HOW he would die, that he would COME BACK to life, and who actually did it.
John 19:
•Behold Your King (vv.1-16)
•Behold the Lamb of God (vv. 17-30)
•Behold the Word of God (vv. 31-42)

We can trust the WORD of God because:

•Jesus' death fulfills Old TESTAMENT Scripture.
•Jesus' death aligns with His own TEACHING.
•Jesus' death was central to God’s plan for SALVATION.

The Scriptures testify that Jesus’ death was preordained by God, down to the smallest detail.
God’s Word is a unified whole and can be trusted as a foundation for our life and faith.
Bury the Word of God in your heart and from it will come life.

- Memorize a passage and repeat it to three people.
- Read God’s Word at least five days and write down one statement each day of what I am taking away from that passage.
- Pray through Psalm 119, using one section a day to guide my prayer.
- Share the Gospel with someone who needs to hear it.

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