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Redeemer Church Mauritius

Foreigners and Strangers - Phil Kendon

Foreigners and Strangers - Phil Kendon

There are many reasons we can feel like outsiders. You could be here as an expat and feel like an outsider because this is not your home country. You could be a local Mauritian and feel overwhelmed by the number of foreigners coming into the country. It just doesn’t feel the way it used to. You could feel like a stranger because no one knows what you are going through, and you feel isolated and alone. You could feel like a foreigner because you don’t fit in, you don’t see things the same way as your family or friends, you don’t have the same interests or values. Being a stranger and a foreigner is actually the common experience of every Christian in the world, including the heroes of faith we read about in the bible.

Locations & Times

Redeemer Church Mauritius


Sunday 9:30 AM

1. What we hope for

Foreigners long for a taste of home, and Christians long for the promises of God.
2. What we are willing to admit

Accepting our status as foreigners and strangers empowers us to live and witness.
3. How we live

The tension between what we have and what we hope for fuels our prayers and our actions.
Ask Yourself:
Am I trying to blend in, or am I willing to be different?

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