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Hearing God – Part 2
Hearing God Through His Word – with Dave Smith
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KingsGate Community Church is a UK-based multi-cultural, inter-generational church with campuses in Peterborough, Cambridge, Leicester and Online, and a mission to see lives transformed from our neighbourhoods to the nations by the power of God's love.
Hearing God Through His Word
– with Dave Smith
Logos ‘Word’– is what God has already spoken to us
Rhema ‘Word’ – is what God is personally speaking to us
1 – Listen carefully to what God has ALREADY SAID (Logos)
A – Read the Bible regularly
“It is the best-selling, least-read book in America.”
– George Gallup Jr
B – Study the Bible purposefully
“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”
– Charles Spurgeon
2 – Listen carefully to what God is SAYING to you (Rhema)
“I would like to mention the spread of the ancient practice of Lectio Divina or ‘spiritual reading’ of Sacred Scripture. It consists in pouring over a biblical text for some time, reading it and rereading it, as it were, ‘ruminating’ on it…and squeezing from it…all its ‘juice’, so that it may nourish meditation and contemplation and, like water, succeed in irrigating life itself.”
– Pope Benedict XVI


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