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The Crossing

Gospel | Crazy Faith Part 2

Gospel | Crazy Faith Part 2

It is not enough to say we believe in Jesus. We need to put feet to our faith. We are going to circle the wagons around the core of Christianity and ask how to live it out where we live our lives.

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The Crossing - Keokuk

610 Timea St, Keokuk, IA 52632, USA

Thursday 6:00 PM

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Sunday 10:45 AM

About The Crossing

The Crossing is a multi-campus, non-denominational Christian church with locations in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. We exist to minister in local communities, following our core values to bring people to an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Visit to learn more about our church.

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God looks out and is grieved that he has made man.
Noah appeared as a bright spot, refreshing God.
Noah pleased God. God is pleased when we live with faith.
Faith is the confidence that what God says is true and will come to pass. It is an assurance of things that we cannot see.
Noah gives a perfect example.
Having Faith in God means sometimes you walk alone.
There may not be a better description of what it means to be a Christian: righteous, blameless among the people, and walked with God.
However, he was alone.
It is easier to go with the crowd - to blend in, rather than stand out. We would rather go with the flow of the world than stand for the ways of God.
There will be times when you get to take ground locking arms with brothers and sisters in community. However, sometimes God calls you and only you to something.
Having Faith in God means sometimes doing things that don’t make sense.
God asked Noah to build an ark, with no evidence of its need or specifications on how it was going to work.
However, Noah started building the ark. He did what God asked him to do. God’s ways don’t always make sense, but His ways are higher than my ways.
Having Faith in God means obeying God for longer than you planned.
Depending on how you count, Noah worked on the ark between 50 and 120 years.
There could be areas of your life in which you have been trusting God for a long time, but the answers still seem a long way off.
Having Faith in God means sometimes doing things that don’t turn out the way you want them to.
2 Peter 2:5 says Noah was a preacher of righteousness, but only Noah’s family made it on the ark. No one came forward; there was no revival and no miracle.
Having faith in God is doing what he called you to do and trusting Him with the outcomes.
Our job is to plant the seed. Our job is to water the seed. But God is the one who is responsible for the growth and increase. Our job is the Faith, God’s job is the Fruit.
What makes God happy is faith, not just belief.
Noah had faith. We know it not because of what he believed, but because of what he did.
Our works do not earn our salvation, but they are an expression of our faith.

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