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Easter 2021 – Really Good News
Really Good News with Dave Smith
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Really Good News
with Dave Smith
REALLY GOOD NEWS – The Victory of Jesus Christ
1 – It's not fake news but factual news
2 – It’s not just interesting news but infinitely important news
• Eternally Life-giving
- New Bodies
- New Society
- New World
“where all of life is vibrant with colour and beauty… more solid and physical than we’ve dared to imagine: a pristine new creation, with rivers, mountains, beaches and trees – more than enough to satisfy energetic kids and adventurous adults. This is our ultimate destination.”
– Andrew Ollerton - The Bible: A Story That Makes Sense of Life
Risen Lord Jesus Christ – I thank You for Your victory – for Your death on the cross for my sins and for rising from the dead, that I might have new life, both now and forever. This day, I ask You to come into my life – forgive me, transform me and fill me with Your resurrection life, love and power, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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