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Redeemer Church Mauritius

What To Do When You're Sunk - Carlo Casaleggio

What To Do When You're Sunk - Carlo Casaleggio

Have you ever failed at something that meant a lot to you? Have you ever had that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach that comes when your hopes and expectations are crushed? Virtually everyone has wrestled, or is wrestling, with failure of some kind. And the most difficult failures for us to get over are the ones that take us by surprise, the ones we don't anticipate. This is exactly what happened to Peter before the crucifixion. Peter did exactly what he said he would never do. He failed Jesus. Peter’s failure eats him on the inside. No matter how hard he tries to convince himself otherwise, he knows that he has failed and thinks he will never bounce back. His response is to go out in a boat, fishing all night long. We have all been in this boat called failure a few times haven't we? And we have wondered, "How can I ever recover?" But in the conversation recorded here between Jesus, the risen Savior, and Simon Peter, we learn how.

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Redeemer Church Mauritius


Sunday 9:00 AM

1. We must learn from our failures

Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways.
(Prov 20:30)
2. We must let go of our failures

Eventually, we have to get out of the boat and look in the face of the one who can forgive our failures.
3. We must look to the future

There is no failure, no pit so deep that the grace of Jesus can't reach down with forgiveness and give you a second chance.
Learn from your failures, let go of them, and look to the future.

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