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The Joy of Finding and Being Found
Welcome to Grace Chapel! The Gospel proclaims that anyone who sins is a slave to sin, but those who by the Holy Spirit are risen to new life in Christ are freed to love and serve God. This service to God, although it requires self-denial and necessitates earthly suffering, nevertheless carries a priceless, eternal reward. The reward of God also begins in this life, however, and is given through the believers’ participation in God’s mission and pursuit of His heart.
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Leading people to find Jesus starts by PERSONALLY receiving the GRACE of God fully. (vs. 1-2)
Valuing the grace of God happens when we live SINGLE-STANDARD lives for His glory.
When I see my life in light of His grace, I am given countless OPPORTUNITIES to portray the GOSPEL. (vs. 3-10)
If you want to move a person to your view, you go over to where he is standing, take him by the hand, and guide him. You don’t stand across the room and shout at him. You don’t order him to come over where you are. You start where he is and work from that position. That’s the only way you get them to budge. — Thomas Aquinas
My STORY and my HEART are my greatest evangelistic tools.
I open my heart to HARDHEARTED people because God opened His heart to me. (vs. 11-13)
Three elements helping people find Jesus:

1.Explanation of the facts of the Gospel.
2.An invitation to respond to Christ personally in repentance and faith.
3.The promise of forgiveness and eternal life.

The Good News is so good because the bad news is so bad.
If you don’t ask, then you are leaving the answer at “no.”
The most loving thing you can do for someone is help them find Jesus.
The call of every CHRISTIAN is to lead others to find and follow Jesus.

- Choose my “One Life” and commit to praying for them weekly.
- Share my “One Life” with someone else and ask them to pray for my courage to share the Gospel with them.
- Read 2 Corinthians all the way through.
- Quote 2 Corinthians 5:17 to someone else from memory and tell them what it means to me.

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