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Grace Chapel
Living a Lifestyle of LEADING People to Jesus
Welcome to Grace Chapel! Leading is a call of all Christians to work with Him and help others find Jesus. God invites His children into His mission for others’ sake, and in the process, they find the greatest joy and satisfaction in Him. The task of the believer is to remain open to the Holy Spirit’s invitation into God’s mission, and to receive His help to engage with the world. We use our salvation story to propel us to share God’s story with others.
Locations & Times
  • Grace Chapel
    8505 S Valley Hwy, Englewood, CO 80112, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
Leading people to Jesus is the LIFESTYLE of the RECONCILED.
I am FREED from the flesh: Christ changes my PERSPECTIVE. (vs. 15-16)
I am SAVED from myself: Christ saved me from the EFFECTS of my past. (v. 17)
I am RECONCILED with God: Christ brings me TOGETHER with God. (vs. 18-19)
Courage comes when I trust Christ to be who He said He would be.
I make God’s MISSION my lifestyle: Christ gives me the ultimate LIFE-PURPOSE. (vs. 20-21)
What Jesus already did for me impacts what I tell the others He will do for them.

- I will read Mark 2 and write down at least five key observations from this story that I can apply to my life.
- I will memorize 2 Corinthians 5:17.
- I will read Ephesians 2 and pray for God to make His mission clear in my life.
- I will express my interest to serve at

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