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The Bible Series – Part 2
Origins & Meaning (with Amy Orr-Ewing)
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Origins and Meaning
(with Amy Orr-Ewing)
“According to Genesis, the universe is not a cold empty space, an unfortunate accident or a sick joke. If we trace our family history all the way back to its source, we discover things about ourselves and where we’ve come from that satisfy our human desire for meaning.”
– Dr Andrew Ollerton - The Bible, A Story that Makes Sense of Life
“The God of the Bible is also the God of the genome. He can be worshipped in the cathedral and in the laboratory”.
– Francis Collins - head of the Human Genome Project and winner of the 2020 Templeton Prize
“Men became scientific because they expected law in nature and they expected law in nature because they believed in a lawgiver.”
– C.S. Lewis
“Order, shape, symmetry and colour don’t just happen. If you see a manicured garden, there’s probably a gardener. If you enjoy a delicious meal, there will be a talented chef working behind the scenes, not a random explosion in the kitchen.”
– Dr Andrew Ollerton - The Bible, A Story that Makes Sense of Life
2 – Human Identity and Purpose
3 – We know that something has gone wrong
...God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1
Lord Jesus, I want to receive that gift that you offer. I acknowledge my need for that forgiveness, that it wasn’t just Adam and Eve who sinned in that garden, but that I too, have sinned. I ask for your forgiveness, through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and I would love you to come into my life to begin that heavenly relationship with you, that will last into eternity.


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