The Crossing, a Christian Church
Marked - Wk 7: Flipping the Script
Message notes from The Crossing, a Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV.
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When God flips the script of the Messiah, he also flips the script of our lives. To lead is to follow and to live is to receive and give.
“How must it have felt - knowing he had the power to heal - to have to walk past children suffering with leprosy? What would it have been like - knowing that his conception was miraculous - to be unable to defend his mother when others whispered about her past? And how agonizing would it be - when his word could one day raise the dead to life again - to stand by while those he loved (perhaps even Joseph his father) died?”
Alicia Chole
“Christian spirituality is not about us. The great weakness of American spirituality is that it is all about us: fulfilling our potential, getting the blessings of God, expanding our influence, finding our gifts, getting a handle on principles by which we can get an edge over the competition. The more there is of US, the less there is of GOD.”
Eugene Peterson
Decrease is Holy ONLY when its Destination is LOVE.

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