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1When Ephraim spoke, #Jb 29:21-22 there was trembling;
he was exalted in Israel. #Jdg 8:1|NoBook| 12:1
But he incurred guilt through Baal #Hs 2:8-17|NoBook| 11:2 and died.
2Now they continue to sin
and make themselves a cast image, #Is 46:6Jr 10:4Hs 2:8
idols skillfully made from their silver, #Is 44:17-20
all of them the work of craftsmen. #Hs 8:6
People say about them,
“Let the men who sacrifice # Or Those who make human sacrifices kiss the calves.” #Hs 8:5-6|NoBook| 10:5
3Therefore, they will be like the morning mist, #Hs 6:4
like the early dew that vanishes,
like chaff blown from a threshing floor, #Ps 1:4Is 17:13Dn 2:35
or like smoke from a window. #Ps 68:2
Death and Resurrection
4I have been Yahweh your God #Hs 12:9
ever since # DSS, LXX read God who brought you out of the land of Egypt;
you know no God but Me, #Ex 20:32Kg 18:35
and no Savior exists besides Me. #Is 43:1145:21-22
5I knew # LXX, Syr read fed you in the wilderness, #Dt 32:10
in the land of drought.
6When they had pasture,
they became satisfied; #Dt 8:1232:13-15Jr 5:7
they were satisfied,
and their hearts became proud. #Hs 7:14
Therefore they forgot Me. #Hs 2:13|NoBook| 4:6|NoBook| 8:14
7So I will be like a lion #Hs 5:14 to them;
I will lurk like a leopard #Jr 5:6 on the path.
8I will attack them
like a bear robbed of her cubs
and tear open the rib cage over their hearts.
I will devour them there like a lioness, #Ps 50:22
like a wild beast that would rip them open.
9I will destroy you, Israel;
you have no help but Me. # LXX reads At your destruction, Israel, who will help you? #Jr 2:17Hs 6:1-2Mal 1:12-13
10Where now is your king, # LXX, Syr, Vg; MT reads I will be your king #2Kg 17:4Hs 8:4
that he may save you in all your cities,
and the # Lit your rulers # Or judges #Hs 7:7 you demanded, saying,
“Give me a king and leaders”?
11I give you a king in My anger #1Sm 8:7
and take away a king in My wrath. #1Kg 14:7-10Hs 10:7
12Ephraim’s guilt is preserved;
his sin is stored up. #Dt 32:34-35Jb 14:17Rm 2:5
13Labor pains come on him. #Mc 4:9-10
He is not a wise son; #Dt 32:6Hs 5:4
when the time comes,
he will not be born. # Lit he will not present himself at the opening of the womb for sons #Is 37:3|NoBook| 66:9
14I will ransom them from the power of Sheol.
I will redeem # Or Should I ransom . . . Should I redeem . . . ? them from death. #Hs 6:1-2
Death, where are your barbs?
Sheol, where is your sting? #1Co 15:55
Compassion is hidden from My eyes. #Jr 20:1631:35-37
The Coming Judgment
15Although he flourishes among his brothers, # Or among reeds #Gn 49:22Hs 10:1
an east wind will come, #Gn 41:6Jr 4:11-12Ezk 17:10|NoBook| 19:12
a wind from the Lord rising up from the desert.
His water source will fail,
and his spring will run dry. #Jr 51:36
The wind # Probably the Assyrian king will plunder the treasury #Jr 20:5
of every precious item.
16# Hs 14:1 in HbSamaria #Hs 7:1 will bear her guilt #Hs 10:2
because she has rebelled against her God. #Hs 7:14
They will fall by the sword; #Hs 11:6
their little ones will be dashed to pieces, #Hs 10:14
and their pregnant women ripped open. #2Kg 15:16

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