Job responds differently
1Afterward, Job spoke up and cursed the day he was born.
2Job said:
3Perish the day I was born,
the night someone said,
"A boy has been conceived."
4That day—let it be darkness;
may God above ignore it,
and light not shine on it.
5May deepest darkness claim it
and a cloud linger over it;
may all that darkens the day terrify it.
6May gloom seize that night;
may it not be counted in the days of a year;
may it not appear in the months.
7May that night be childless;
may no happy singing come in it.
8May those who curse the day curse it,
those with enough skill to awaken Leviathan.
9May its evening stars stay dark;
may it wait in vain for light;
may it not see dawn’s gleam,
10because it didn’t close the doors of my mother’s womb,#Heb lacks mother’s.
didn’t hide trouble from my eyes.
Job laments his misfortune
11Why didn’t I die at birth,
come forth from the womb and die?
12Why did knees receive me
and breasts let me nurse?
13For now I would be lying down quietly;
I’d sleep; rest would be mine
14with kings and earth’s advisors,
who rebuild ruins for themselves,
15or with princes who have gold,
who fill their houses with silver.
16Or why wasn’t I like a buried miscarried infant,
like babies who never see light?
17There the wicked rage no more;
there the weak rest.
18Prisoners are entirely at ease;
they don’t hear a boss’s voice.
19Both small and great are there;
a servant is free from his masters.
20Why is light given to the hard worker,
life to those bitter of soul,
21those waiting in vain for death,
who search for it more than for treasure,
22who rejoice excitedly,
who are thrilled when they find a grave?
23Why is light given#Heb lacks is light given. to the person whose way is hidden,
whom God has fenced in?
24My groans become my bread;
my roars pour out like water.
25Because I was afraid of something awful,
and it arrived;
what I dreaded came to me.
26I had no ease, quiet, or rest,
and trembling came.
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