Christ In You: Living Into Your Life's Purpose


God Is For You

Have you ever wondered if God is really going to be there for you—that if you take a step of faith, He’ll really come through for you?

Like most people, you’ve probably tasted the grief and disappointment that come with heartbreak, loss, and failure.

But God has not abandoned you—and never will! He’s made you for a purpose, and He intends to see you through.

Think back to what happened when you gave your life to Jesus. You embraced a trustworthy Father who spared no expense to rescue you from sorrow, sin, and death itself. God gave up His own Son so that you could spend eternal life with Him. Through Christ’s final work on the cross, He’s redeemed you from darkness and transferred you into His Kingdom (Colossians 1:13). God takes great joy in the fact that you are His for eternity. Every day, He acts for you as you wait for Him (Isaiah 64:4).

That stacks up as really good evidence that He is undeniably for you. 

When you experience disappointments, He walks you through the dark valley (Psalm 23:4) and invites you into a life of joy (Psalm 16:11).

When you feel dejected over your failures, remember that you are God’s beloved child. He looks upon you as one made perfect through Christ’s sacrifice (Hebrews 10:14). 

God is faithful. He has a purpose for your life, and He’s working all things together for your good according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). He is for you—today and forever.

Guided Prayer

  • Are you facing a disappointment? Ask the Lord to help you receive the hope and joy He has promised you. 

  • Pray for God to open your eyes today to see how He is near you, for you, and working things together for your good.

  • As you read today’s verses, praise God for acting on your behalf and giving you the gift of life.