Play The Man

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading

“Raw Passion”

A literal translation of today’s verse could read: “Do it like your life depends on it.”

Playing the man means playing hard. It’s leaving it all out on the court. In other words, give it everything you’ve got. Don’t just make a living. Make a life. Don’t just earn a paycheck. Go after the passions God has put in your heart. Halfway is no way to live; you’ve got to go all in.

So here’s the fourth virtue of manhood—raw passion. It’s a lust for life that doesn’t settle for status or status quo. It’s an insatiable energy that motivates you to live each day like it’s the first day and the last day of your life. It’s an infectious enthusiasm that can come only from being filled with the Holy Spirit to overflowing.

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek roots en and Theos, meaning “in God.” So the more you get into God, and the more of God’s Spirit that gets into you, the more impassioned you become.

When was the last time you got outside your comfort zone physically, spiritually, or relationally? You tell me the last time you were uncomfortable, and I’ll tell you the last time you grew! Growth only happens when we put ourselves into uncomfortable situations.

How about this example? Jesus may have been meek and mild, but He also had a wild side. He touched lepers, celebrated Samaritans, stopped storms, exorcised demons, ate with sinners, healed on the Sabbath, and turned funeral processions into parades. Then He died the way He lived—with pure passion. It’s no coincidence that the final week of His life is synonymous with passion—Passion Week.

When you follow in the footsteps of Jesus, His passion will refine you and define you. God doesn’t just crucify our passions; He resurrects them and uses them for His purposes!

What can you do today that will make you feel uncomfortable—and fully alive?