Prayer That Works


That Settles It!

I was in a very broken place prior to receiving the Lord as my personal Savior. The night I invited Him into my heart was a transformational turning point for me. I knew I was a different person, a new creation, and yet so much remained in upheaval.

Then my life was forever changed when I heard Dr. Oral Roberts preach a powerful sermon in which he emphatically declared, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it!” Those faith-infused declarations entered my heart that day and produced a fiery passion for the life-giving Word of God that continues to burn in me today.

Following this significant revelation, it became my practice to daily seek the Lord for insight concerning the life situations that I was facing. In prayer, I searched the Scriptures. I found that, consistently and faithfully, the Holy Spirit would reveal God’s will, perspective, and promises through His Word.

Once I understood His will concerning something, I learned to commit myself to the truth of His Word and “settle it.” No matter what happened, I allowed the Word to be my plumb line. By faith, I commanded everything to come into alignment with the Word. And continuously, I began to witness answers to prayer, breakthroughs, and empowerments that yielded success in God-appointed endeavors. Faith grew in me as I determined to settle any issue in life according to His Word and its power to transform and create.

Over the many years since, I have exercised scriptural decrees for life issues both large and small, watching God move faithfully in response to the command of His own Word. Decreeing His Word has brought peace, love, wisdom, healing, freedom, and prosperity. 

God’s Word is always true whether people believe it or not, but without faith, the Word will not be activated. Every blessing and promise in the Word belongs to every believer but many do not see these promises manifest in their lives because they fail to access them by faith.

God desires all His people to live in His divine order and blessings. Decreeing His Word establishes His will and purpose in and through our lives. You and I were created to decree His Word.

Remember the simple statement: God said it. I believe it. That settles it!

Decree Divine Character: 

Through Jesus, God’s divine power has granted me everything that pertains to life and to godliness.