The Power Of His Promises

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What are the Promises of God?  

Did you know that God has given you, specifically and personally, “precious and magnificent promises” that will enable you to live victoriously in this world? It’s true—God’s Word guarantees it! And you receive His promises the same way you received the gift of salvation—by faith. It’s only through faith that God’s children receive and enjoy what He has promised. As we hear, study, and apply God’s Word, we are building up our faith, preparing ourselves to believe God for those things He has promised us.

As a redeemed child of God, nothing matters more than recognizing and walking in God’s will. Knowing you’re walking in His will enables you to rise above the challenges life throws at you. God’s will addresses even your smallest concern. Begin your search by surrendering your will; then focus your heart and mind on God and His enlightening Word.

As you open your Bible and begin your journey to discover God’s will and promises for you, it’s important to first spend time in prayer. Ask the Lord to cleanse you from all known sin and fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you’ll be in fellowship with Him during your study time. As you’re reading, try to understand the context of the passage you read, and test Scripture by Scripture, not your own desires. Submit your thoughts to God, pray for His guidance, and, in due time, you’ll get the insight you need.