Adviento en familia de Infinitum: Semana 2

Infinitum Family Advent, Week 2

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Quote on Generousity:

Do all the good You can.
By all the means You can.
In all the ways You can.
In all the places You can.
At all the times You can.
To all the people You can.
As long as You ever can.
John Wesley

Did you know that generousity can break barriers? Sure, you might need a sledgehammer to break real barriers/walls (and isn’t that so much fun?!), but generousity can break down the unseen walls that exist in life.

For instance, picture a new kid coming to your school. No physical walls keep them out, but there are barriers to them feeling at home and comfortable in your school! The generous act of inviting that kid to walk with you in the hallway breaks those barriers down!

What other kinds of barriers can you think of? What about the barrier for the kid who isn’t good at sports during PE? There are barriers for that kid, aren’t there? How might a generous act from a classmate break down a barrier like that?

Humans had a pretty significant barrier to overcome … an invisible God made us!! Yeesh. Talk about a barrier - how could we know He was real? How could we get to know Him and trust Him? But an act of generousity broke that barrier for us. Do you know what act that was?

I’ll give you a hint: Christmas :)

God squishing Himself into a human baby’s body & choosing to grow up and live in the human world broke the barrier of invisibility for us. That generous act allowed us to get to know Him, see how trustworthy He is, and love Him.

Are there people in your world facing an invisible barrier this Christmas? Perhaps someone doesn’t have loved ones to celebrate Christmas with (loneliness is a big invisible barrier that generousity can break!). Perhaps someone doesn’t have the money to give gifts this Christmas or is able to expect gifts from their family…? Noticing that there are people in our lives who face invisible barriers is the first step to an opportunity to consider how your generousity might break down those barriers for them!

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Infinitum Family Advent, Week 2

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