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Good Advice

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Want some really bad advice?

Want to drift from God? Easy. Just neglect time with Him and spend too much time with shady people instead. Maybe you’d rather drift from someone else. Bad marriage advice is too easy. Just enjoy common interests and form an emotional bond with someone other than your spouse. Or perhaps you’re feeling way too grateful for your life. Just resent God’s goodness in everyone else’s life while you ignore His goodness in your own. Not the bad advice you’re looking for? You must be too free. An addiction will cure that. Just do what feels good and never admit you have any problems.

Yuck! Blech. Delete. That was the worst paragraph ever written in any Bible Plan. But think about it. Sometimes we live like we’re listening to—even looking for—that kind of no good, very bad advice. Craig Groeschel, our pastor at Life.Church, actually preaches a message series called Bad Advice for the same reason we included the paragraph above. Because when you blurt it all out, you see it for what it is: the unsaid advice so many of us accidentally follow. For the next six days, we’ll look at some very simple but very good advice that holds the power to kick the bad back to where it belongs.

If someone had only your life as an example of how to live, which parts would be good advice and which parts would be bad advice? That puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? You’re not alone. Even the Apostle Paul admitted to doing the things he knew he shouldn’t. Don’t worry; good advice is coming.

Pray: God, I don’t have it all figured out. There are things I do that I don’t want to do. Holy Spirit, will You reveal the bad advice in my life as I read through this Bible Plan?

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Good Advice

Addiction, divorce, discontentment, and spiritual emptiness. How do we end up in these messes? It’s like we somehow start fol...


We would like to thank Life.Church for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: www.life.church

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