Vibrante: Una vida de gozo

Vibrant: A Life of Joy

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Have you ever met someone who possessed a quiet radiance so rich and so dynamic that you ached for more? This unique individual may have exuded more than just a mere sparkle but wordlessly communicated a deep and abiding joy. Have you ever met a person like that? 

This person is simply vibrant, regardless of their socioeconomic level, education, marital status, or health. This person has determined to live their life in a manner that is both compelling and magnetic.

The ability to live a vibrant life, I believe, comes from two distinct determinates in life: first, the ability to suffer well no matter the cost to personal preference or desires; and second, an attachment to Someone greater than self. 

A vibrant person shows great life, great activity, and great energy. A vibrant person is alive in the deepest part of his or her soul and flourishes in every season of life. A vibrant person knows the secret of thriving in the most adverse of conditions.

You will never live a vibrant life on your own strength or due to your own mental calculations. You need more than what you, as a human, have to offer in order to live an undeniably passionate and luminous life. You need Jesus, you need the power of the Holy Spirit, and you need His eternal Word. 

I want to live vibrantly with a ferocious ardor and an unremitting hunger. I want to live a life so noble and meaningful that heaven gasps in awe and in wonder. I deeply thirst for a living dynamic that smacks of eternity and causes the enemy and his obnoxious companions to cower in fear and shame.

You, my friend,

Are cordially invited

By the Creator of the Universe and the Lover of your soul

To Live a Vibrant Life.

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It is time to prepare the soil of our hearts for a vibrant crop of miraculous growth and remarkable beauty. I hope that this book will become your companion in this growing season and in many to come. God’s desire is that your life becomes a well-watered demonstration of His beauty and wonder. You were created to be a vibrant show-and-tell of all that God is. Your heart, and therefore your life, was made for unseasonable abundance and for radiant delight. You, my friend, were made to be vibrant! 


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Vibrant: A Life of Joy

There are people in the world who are vibrant. Their joy is contagious, their peace is deep, and their compassion is engaging. You were chosen to live vibrantly at your moment in history. Not only have you been given the...

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