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Sharing Your Faith

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Share Your Story

One of the most compelling ways to share our faith in Jesus is by sharing our testimony, or story. The word testimony simply means that we’re sharing something that we experienced firsthand. We’re giving evidence of an event that occurred in our lives. Sharing our story is so powerful, because it’s not debatable. Not only that, but there is a strong chance they’ll be able to see the transformation that has occurred within you. 

In John 9, the chapter opens with Jesus and His disciples coming across a blind man. The disciples wanted to know if this man had sinned to cause his blindness or not. Jesus assured them that the reason he was blind was “so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (John 9:3 NIV) Eventually, Jesus healed the blind man in a bizarre way when He spit on the ground, made mud, and then rubbed it over the blind man’s eyes.  After the blind man washed his eyes in the Pool of Siloam, he could see. 

This man was born blind, and everybody knew it. You can imagine the questions asked and the awe-inspired looks he got when he started interacting with the people around him. It was such a big ordeal that the now-seeing blind man was brought to the Pharisees. At first, they were upset that Jesus healed on the Sabbath. Eventually, they began to ask more questions and even doubted that the man was ever blind! One visit with the man’s parents proved their doubts wrong.

Most of us might have been flustered by all of the questions from the Pharisees, especially when they wanted him to “give glory to God by telling the truth.” (John 9:24 NIV) You can almost hear the frustration in the man’s voice when he finally responded:

“I don’t know whether he is a sinner,” the man replied. “But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!” John 9:25 NLT

So, what’s your story? What has God done in your heart? How has He changed your life? There are so many people who need to hear what He’s done in you. And there’s no one better to tell of God’s work in your life than you. Firsthand stories change lives!

Spend some time thinking about how God has worked in your life. Maybe it’s something profound with one of your children, or how God healed you from a disease. It could be that your view on life has drastically changed, and you know that’s only because of the life-changing power of Jesus. Whatever way God has given you a story to tell, tell it!


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Sharing Your Faith

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