This I Know


This I Know:  Truth  

What Is Truth? 

Observation (This is a chance to reflect.) 

  • Most people have a natural craving for the truth.  We search it out all the time. We want to know what’s true!  But truth isn’t a thing.  Truth starts with a Person. Jesus is truth!  So, where do we start if we’re seeking truth?  We must start with JESUS because He is the truth.

Take a Moment (This is a chance to apply it to your life.) 

  • We know every book and every page in God’s Word is true, but sometimes we speed-read through the Bible like it is the review right before a test, but this is not a test.  This is a chance to let God’s Word soak in.  Take a moment to ask God to help you remove distractions, so you can slow down and take in the truth of God’s Word.  Repeat:  This is not a test!