Good Ideas Vs. God Ideas In Business

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The Kingdom Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

As a Kingdom entrepreneur navigating the business world, you’re often faced with decisions to either do what seems to be working for everyone else (because after all, it’s a proven model) or to be continuously led by the Holy Spirit in your strategic decision making. It’s easy to get so busy and driven to greater achievements and profits in your business that you lean to your own understanding and the understanding of experts in your industry...and sometimes may fail to check in with the Master of it all.

It’s commonly advised by self-improvement experts that if you want to be successful in business, you should find someone who has achieved what you desire to achieve, analyze how they did it (adopting behaviors, attitudes, strategies), and replicate what they have done. 

Following someone else’s course is not a guarantee to success in what God has called for you to do. You are not graced for someone else’s path. You are graced for your own path.  Additionally, pursuing good ideas that pop into your own mind can create distractions that keep you away from identifying and pursuing God ideas.

This is why it’s so important to be led by the Holy Spirit. Over the next few days we’ll explore the scriptures that can help you understand some of the characteristics of God ideas and discern them for yourself in your own business.