Truth Or Trash

I am famous!

Truth or Trash? There are no celebrities in God's family.

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Make a faux stained-glass project. Start with a folded piece of wax paper. Design torn pieces of colorful tissues on one half. Fold the empty side over the top of your design. Place a towel over it and iron until the wax paper melts together. Cut out a construction paper frame to overlay on your stained glass. Tape your beautiful stained glass to a window. Enjoy!

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Truth or Trash? There are no celebrities in God's family.
Truth! In true stained-glass creations, every piece is perfectly placed to complement the pieces around it. Once complete, it is beautiful. If any piece was missing, it would be incomplete.

God created you and placed you exactly where He wanted you. It's easy to think celebrities are more important than you because everyone knows who they are. That is not what God thinks. He knows you, and you are famous to Him. He created each one of us with different gifts and talents. Each of us is necessary. When we love and serve Him together, He shines through us just as the sunlight shines through a stained-glass window.

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Share the special qualities you see in each other. Now, what are some good things you see in yourself?