Ma‸htehˍ li‸ 1:20

Ma‸htehˍ li‸ 1:20 LHBE

Yawˇ chi hkʼe dawˇ nyi chehˇ ve teˇ yanˇ, zuh‸ maˆ mawˬ ve awˬ hkʼaw lo Jawˇmawˇ Gʼuiˬsha ve mvuhˇ naw ma tcuh yaˇ teˇ gʼaˇ tawˆ la leh kʼoˆ ve, Daˍviˆ ve yaˇ Yoˇseh‸-oˬ, nawˬ ve awˬ miˇ ma Maˍriˆ hta‸ heuˆ tuˬ taˇ dawˇ haˍ. Awˬ lawn kʼo, yawˇ yaˇ hu ve lehˬ, da‸ ve kehˬ ve Awˬ ha hpu hta‸ pa taw yoˬ.
LHBE: Lahu Bible Edited

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