Ma‸htehˍ li‸ 1:18

Ma‸htehˍ li‸ 1:18 LHBE

Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ paw la ve awˬ lawn lehˬ chi hkʼe yoˬ. Yawˇ ve awˬ e Maˍriˆ lehˬ, Yoˇseh‸ hta‸ heuˆ tuˬ ka ti‸ te da‸ peuˬ hkʼaw‸ nawˉ, yawˇ huiˉ maˬ maˇ heuˆ da‸ sheˍ htaˇ, da‸ ve kehˬ ve Awˬ ha hpu hta‸ pa taw Maˍriˆ yaˇ hu la ve yoˬ.
LHBE: Lahu Bible Edited

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