Ma‸htehˍ li‸ 1:1

Ma‸htehˍ li‸ 1:1 LHBE

Li‸ chi lehˬ, Aˍbraˍhanˍ ve awˬ yaˇ leh Daˍviˆ ve awˬ yaˇ hpeh‸ ve Yeˍsuˆ Hkri‸ ve awˬ ceuˬ awˬ hkʼaˇ teˇ caˉ peuˬ teˇ caˉ ya‸ la ve awˬ lawn bvuh‸ taˍ ve li‸ hpeh‸ ve yoˬ.
LHBE: Lahu Bible Edited

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