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Our faith is not based on faith alone, it’s based on the truth we get from the word of God. Many people in the world today think the that the Bible is just another religious book written by men in the past. The Bible is special and would not exist without the inspiration of God. There are many reasons we can know the Bible is God’s word. Today we are going to talk about scientific foreknowledge. 

We can know the Bible is special and is the word of God because long ago, before modern science, the Bible revealed truths about our world. Long ago the Bible revealed these truths:

1. Isaiah 40:22 tells us God sits above the circle or sphere of the world. The book of Isaiah was written sometime around 739BC – 681BC.

2. Job 26:7 tells us the earth is suspended over nothing in empty space. The book of Job was written sometime between 1440BC and 950BC.

3. Jeremiah 33:22 lets us know that the stars in the heavens are too numerous to count. The book of Jeremiah was written around or after 627BC. 

4. Genesis 1:9-10 lets us know the seas are all in one bed. Genesis was written between 1440BC and 1400BC. All the earth’s great oceans are connected together and are actually one great sea. The Bible indicated this before we discovered it by sailing around the earth.

Other areas of foreknowledge include astronomy, cosmology, medicine, meteorology & oceanography. 

Only God could have revealed such information in ancient times.