How Christians Should Deal With Depression


Depression Existed in the Bible 

Discouragement or depression is one of the most common struggles we face in this life. Sadly, Christians often feel alone and even ashamed when they find themselves fighting emotional battles. The first aspect of feeling discouraged that believers need to understand is that it is common to all humanity. In fact, the Bible records many instances where its heroes and writers felt disappointed, disillusioned, or depressed.  

There are multiple examples of discouragement or depression in the Scriptures. In the Book of Psalms writers give free expression to such negative feelings. One of the psalmists, Asaph, gave voice to his disappointment when he witnessed what he believed to be the prosperity of the wicked and the suffering of the righteous. This reality troubled him so much that he said that he almost slipped into unbelief. His faith was severely tested by what he saw. He did not know what to do with his anger and disillusionment. 

However, he went into the sanctuary of God and found help. His perspective was changed because God reminded him of where the wicked ultimately end up and what the end is for the righteous. Asaph realized that what he saw in this world was momentary; it did not represent the whole story. His psalm shows us not only the reality of discouragement and depression, but it also gives us the answer on how to deal with it. We need to run to God, and we need to listen to His Word.

When we find ourselves angry with this world, angry with our circumstances, or even angry with God, the temptation is to turn away from the Lord. We should, however, run to the Lord with all our feelings, even the negative ones. God can handle our disappointments and discouragements. He has done it for thousands of years. Many biblical writers felt that God forgot them, yet they expressed their feelings to the Lord and found encouragement in His presence. Even Christ on the cross cried out the words of another psalm, saying, “My God, My God. Why have You forsaken Me?” Later, He was able to commit His spirit into the Father’s loving hands. 

No matter how sad we feel, no matter how thick the darkness we are going through is, we can entrust our heavenly Father with our lives and our emotions. In His presence, we can find the comfort that we need.