Faith Has an Action

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Stay Connected, Even If You Are Hurt

Elijah was a quirky guy! This gives all of us hope.

Elijah tells Elisha to go away three times! This could have caused Elisha to become offended or hurt. However, each time Elijah tells Elisha to go, Elisha shows amazing emotional resilience—he is determined to stay by Elijah’s side no matter what. 

Over many years of following Jesus I have seen people knocked out of the race by offence. At times, it could have been justified that people were upset. At other times ,the offence had been inflated in someone’s mind. Either way, we must resist the temptation to walk away from God. 

I remember walking into a church one day and a man berated me for what I was wearing. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but according to him, I wasn’t ready for a fashion show. I could have let this get between me and God, but I had to realize that people have flaws and that man obviously hadn’t read this devotion.

Part of putting action to our faith is running the marathon that is our Christian walk. It’s about playing the long game and being consistent until the end.