Faith Has an Action

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Leave the Past in the Past

Do you want to achieve your full potential today? Check out this amazing story about a quirky prophet and a young man who seemingly throws away everything but gains a blessed life. 

Elijah was told by God that he was about to be taken into heaven and Elijah needs to select a successor. God tells Elijah to go and pick a young man named Elisha. Elijah finds Elisha in a field turning soil over with a plough. Elijah selects Elisha in a very strange manner: he throws his jacket onto Elisha and keeps walking. Somehow Elisha realizes that this is Elijah‘s way of selecting him to be the next prophet of Israel. 

Elisha asks Elijah, “Can I say goodbye to my family?” Elijah replies, “Think about what I’ve just done for you.” Right here Elisha makes the first decision to put action to his faith. He breaks his plough to pieces and offers the animals pulling the plough as a sacrifice to God. 

Elisha is fully committing to the future that God has for him. If we are constantly focused on the past, it makes it very hard for us to achieve the future that God has planned for us. We need to let go of the things that have already happened and focus on the dreams, plans, and purpose that God has for our life.

If you’re driving in your car and you’re always looking in the rearview mirror you will likely crash at some point. However, if you are focused on the road ahead you will get to the destination that God has planned for you. Today, think about the amazing plans dreams and purpose that God has ready for you and let go of the past.