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Will God Come Through for Me? 

I want to trust God until I don’t.

When I struggle with doubting that God is trustworthy, it isn’t in the global sense. I know He’s trustworthy in general—I just wonder if He’s going to come through for me personally. When this happens, it makes me want to rally more of my own strength rather than rely on God’s strength. Before I even know it, I say I trust God with my mouth, but in reality I get overwhelmed trying to fix and control things myself. I get stressed out, overly emotional, and more and more distant from God. My trust in God becomes a statement I feel I should say but not what I’m actually living out.

Distrust has settled in.

Self-reliance has become my go-to.

And I wonder why the world feels scarier than ever, I feel more and more exhausted, and circumstances seem absolutely impossible. Hope slips away. Redemption seems like a pipe dream. Trust becomes something better Christians with holy lives can do, but not me. Can you relate?

I don’t run to worship false gods on the high places like we see with the Israelites in 1&2 Kings. But I don’t have to. I have my own high place. I rely on myself and solutions of my own making above trusting God. And when you get right down to it, isn’t that very much the same as what we see the Israelites doing when they worship the false gods of their own making as well?

Yikes. They wanted their solutions more than trusting the provision of God. And I think I do the same thing. This is hard to admit, right? But honest admission is the first step to climbing down from the high places and into the compassionate arms of God.

So, how do we trust God will come through for us? Over the next few days, I want to look at how we can examine our own hearts while also looking at the stories of a few ancient kings of Israel.

The first step is to list out any evidence where you’ve experienced the faithfulness of God. Then take a moment and pray that God will show you the idols in your own life. Ask that you will be able to clearly hear God’s message of hope and start to build a heart of trusting Him even more.