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  • Overflow

    31 Days 160x160

    This 31 day plan is designed to take you deeper in your relationship with Christ.  With daily scripture readings and goals, we hope to provoke thoughts that will cause you to reflect on your current status and allow God to overflow in your life.

  • KB - 100

    20 Days 160x160

    Respected as an artist and as a lyricist, every word out of the mouth of rapper KB is God inspired. With his 2014 EP '100', the Reach Records emcee breaks down the idea behind always giving God 100% in everything. He says, "To do everything unto Him is to work like our lives are not ours but His. It's when we give "100" God is honored and this world impacted. That's what my new EP is all about."

  • Plumb - The Overflow Devo

    7 Days 160x160

    In 2015, accomplished recording artist, songwriter, and performer Plumb, aka Tiffany Lee, released her first ever worship album. In this 7-day devotional, in partnership with The Overflow Christian Music Streaming Service, Plumb directs us to the scriptural application and her personal experience behind 7 songs from the album "Exhale."

  • Lecrae - Gravity

    8 Days 160x160

    Released on September 4th, 2012, Lecrae’s new album ‘Gravity’ showcases the rapper doing what he does best, taking the listener into his world and preaching the gospel of salvation and grace. To accompany its release, Lecrae put together a reading plan for The Overflow Devo on YouVersion, highlighting some of the best songs on the album. Along for the ride are his label mates KB and Derek Minor (formerly PRo).

  • Planetshakers - Overflow

    14 Days 160x160

    The songs of Planetshakers offer a glimpse inside the heart and lives of each writer as they seek to express the immeasurable, yearning love of God for His children, and to echo His ‘Now Word’ throughout the Earth. David teaches us throughout the Psalms that songs anointed by the Holy Spirit, birthed in the heights and depths of human experience, have the power to resonate through time and profoundly impact lives for generations. The prayer of Planetshakers is that you too will respond to and encounter His Presence as He draws you, activating the power of His Word in your life as the message behind the songs is shared.

  • War Room - Playlist

    6 Days 160x160

    From the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous, this 6 day devotional based on the new film WAR ROOM explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives.

  • Skillet - Unleashed - The Overflow Devo

    7 Days 160x160

    Internationally-known rock band Skillet has earned many accolades, including: selling 12 million units worldwide, a Billboard Award, and topping the Mainstream Rock Charts. However, Skillet’s frontman John Cooper is passionate about Jesus, and unapologetically writes songs that communicate his faith. In this exclusive 7-day devotional with The Overflow, John takes us through seven songs from Skillet’s latest album Unleashed , inspiring us to lead lives of fearlessness and courage.

  • CeCe Winans - The Overflow Devo

    4 Days 160x160

    Having won 10 Grammy Awards, CeCe Winans has not forgotten the reason why she makes music - to bring the listener encouragement, joy, and love. In this 4-day devotional, in partnership with The Overflow Christian Music Streaming Service, CeCe shares the heart and application behind 4 songs from her latest album "Let Them Fall in Love."

  • Kari Jobe - Majestic

    7 Days 160x160

    Kari Jobe believes that "when you get down to the very bare bones of worship, it is about us being thankful for the cross and magnifying the name of Jesus above all names". In this 7-Day devotional brought to the Bible App in partnership with The Overflow, Kari shares her heart on the biblical application to 7 songs from her Dove award winning album "MAJESTIC".

  • Moriah Peters- Brave

    7 Days 160x160

    <p>Moriah Peters believes she is part of a generation whose time has come to break free of what prevents them from changing this world, a generation that has been called to be BRAVE! In this 7-Day devotional brought to the Bible App in partnership with The Overflow, Moriah breaks down the biblical application to 7 songs from her Sophomore Album &quot;BRAVE&quot;.</p>

  • Tenth Avenue North - The Struggle

    7 Days 160x160

    Tenth Avenue North has put together a 7-Day Reading Plan on YouVersion for their album ‘The Struggle’, which debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 charts in August 2012. On this exclusive video for The Overflow Devo, singer Mike Donehey explains the devotional and the truth behind the title track. Digging deeper into the Devo you’ll find daily readings for ‘Don’t Stop the Madness’, ‘Losing’, and five more songs from their hit album.

  • Jason Crabb - Whatever The Road

    7 Days 160x160

    With a GRAMMY and 21 Dove Awards, Jason Crabb's album Whatever The Road reflects more on where he is than on where he's been. TheOverflow is excited to partner with Jason as he applies scripture to 7 songs from the album with the goal of bringing glory to our Heavenly Father.

  • Tedashii - Below Paradise

    7 Days 160x160

    Husband, father, artist, teacher. Tedashii is a many of multiple roles. With his 2014 album, Below Paradise, Tedashii gives an honest confession of the pain he felt after suffering the loss of his son, and the sobering realization he came to regarding life in a fallen world. We will have pain here, but can take heart if we put our hope in Christ, the One who has overcome the world.

  • Matthew West - Into The Light

    7 Days 160x160

    Dove Award-winning CCM artist Matthew West has developed a 7-Day Reading Plan for The Overflow Devo on YouVersion. This devotional includes personal accounts from the individuals behind the stories that inspired the songs from Matthew West’s most recent release, “Into the Light.” In response to these commentaries, Matthew West dives into the scriptures and discuss not only the root issues, but also the overarching solution that is evident throughout these individual walks of life: Christ’s salvation-giving love for us.

  • Colton Dixon - Anchor

    4 Days 160x160

    With a top 7 finish on American Idol and Dove Award win for Best Contemporary/Rock Album, it might be easy to lose sight of Ministry. Not so for Colton Dixon. In partnership with TheOverflow, in this four day Devo Colton shares his passion for the song Through All Of It and it’s our prayer it inspires you and meets you where you are.

  • Saddleback Worship - The Overflow Devo

    7 Days 160x160

    At Saddleback Church there is a sweet unity among all of the campuses globally that has helped fuel a new sound of celebration, freedom, and surrender. Each song from Saddleback Worship is created out of a deep love for God and a desire to keep Him first. In this 7-day devotional in partnership with The Overflow Christian Music Streaming Service, Saddleback Worship helps us grow our desire to keep God first.

  • Tamela Mann - One Way - The Overflow Devo

    7 Days 160x160

    With record-setting singles like Take Me to the King and This Place, Tamela Mann is no stranger to accolades having won 8 Stellar Awards and 5 Dove Awards. However, Tamela has a heart for being filled and helping fill others with the Holy Spirit. In this 7-day devotional in partnership with The Overflow, Tamela breaks down the biblical message behind the songs from her latest album One Way.

  • Tenth Avenue North - Cathedrals

    14 Days 160x160

    Having already completed one of The Overflow’s most popular Devos for the album The Struggle, we are excited to be partnering with Tenth Avenue North once again. Over these 14 days, Mike Donehey explains the concept that we are Cathedrals because the Spirit of God lives in us. By extension, all of the earth is now holy ground.

  • Hannah Kerr - Overflow

    7 Days 160x160

    Signed to Black River Christian Music, Hannah Kerr believes worship is not just a song, but a lifestyle that we should strive for daily. In this 7-day devotional, Hannah takes us deeper into the application to 7 songs from her debut album, Overflow.

  • Propaganda - Excellent

    7 Days 160x160

    Quietly becoming one of the strongest voices for this generation of Christians, Propaganda expands his catalog with his most recent release, Excellent. On video and in writing, Prop picks seven songs from the album for The Overflow Devo, breaking each one down to its core, exposing the roots that spawned their creation.

  • WinterJam 2015 - Playlist

    10 Days 160x160

    Welcome to The Overflow Devo WinterJam 2015 Edition. The Overflow has partnered up with your favorite WinterJam artists to bring you this reading plan. Over the next 14 days musicians like Skillet, Jeremy Camp, For King & Country, Francesca Battistelli, Building 429 and more will share devotionals based on songs they sang during WinterJam 2015.

  • We Are Messengers - The Overflow Devo

    7 Days 160x160

    We Are Messengers frontman Darren Mulligan's personal testimony, and the music of We Are Messengers, are intended as a beacon of hope for all. In this 7 Day devotional, in partnership with The Overflow Christian Music Streaming Service, Darren unpacks 7 songs from We Are Messengers' self-titled album.

  • Tim Timmons - Cast My Cares

    7 Days 160x160

    Fueled by his earnest love and desire for Jesus, California-based worship leader, songwriter and blogger Tim Timmons draws upon scriptural and personal resources in his 7-day Reading Plan for The Overflow Devo on YouVersion. As with his music, Timmons’ sole objective is to draw people into the awakening movement of Jesus Christ. Consistent with the theme of his Reunion Records debut album, “Cast My Cares,” Timmons explores not only what it means to believe in Jesus, but also what it looks like when we choose to truly following Him.

  • Casting Crowns - Acoustic Sessions

    7 Days 160x160

    As one of the most successful and influential acts in the Christian music industry, Casting Crowns has developed an exclusive 7-Day Reading Plan for The Overflow Devo on YouVersion. Drawing upon ministerial stories and personal experiences, the Grammy and Dove award winning band covers a wide range of topics to provide readers with an in-depth look into the living love and life that is found and revealed through Jesus.

  • Jeremy Camp - I Will Follow

    7 Days 160x160

    As one aware he was called to follow Christ wholeheartedly, Jeremy Camp made that the theme of his new record, I Will Follow. The lyrical and biblical depth to Jeremy Camp's songs reflect years of studying God’s word. In this 7 day devotional in partnership with TheOverflow, Jeremy will share his heart behind this songs from the album I Will Follow, including the hit single He Knows.