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  • Access To The Tabernacle

    5 Days 160x160

    In this study plan, we will have an in depth look at the fencing and the gate as well as the entrance door and the veil of the Tabernacle. The fencing served as a barrier between the camp of Israel and the tabernacle. This prevented the people from coming directly to the tabernacle where God dwelt.

  • The Construction Of The Tabernacle

    10 Days 160x160

    At the beginning of our study of the tabernacle, a choice must be made: Do we begin at the Holy of Holies as we see the Bible does in Exodus 25, or with the silver foundation of the tabernacle itself, or do we start with the courtyard, the outer fencing of the tabernacle? We start our study of the tabernacle beginning at the silver foundation of the tabernacle’s construction.

  • The Seven Furnishing Items Of The Tabernacle

    7 Days 160x160

    We find two things in the outer court, which we can give attention to, namely, the brazen altar and the laver. Altogether there were seven items, or pieces, of furniture regarding the tabernacle. Two were in the outer court, three in the Holy place and two in the Holy of Holies. We will look at all 7 pieces in this study.

  • Temples In The Holy Scriptures

    4 Days 160x160

    Through the centuries, the mere thought of Jerusalem has stirred the deepest feelings in both Jews and Christians. Jerusalem - Jerusalem, the city of the living God! Jesus wept over Jerusalem wherein the temple of the Lord stood. The prophet Isaiah spoke of this city and place in Isaiah 2:2-3. In the history and prophecies of Israel, there are references to four temples we will study in this plan.

  • The Journeys Of The Ark Of The Covenant

    6 Days 160x160

    The ark of the covenant of the Lord was built at the foot of Mount Sinai. After the Ark and the Holy of Holies were made, the journeys of the ark of the covenant began, described in two ways: from Mount Sinai to the land of Canaan; and from its arrival in the land of Canaan, until its resting place in the temple in Jerusalem.

  • Introduction To The Study Of The Tabernacle

    10 Days 160x160

    The tabernacle and all that goes with it speaks to us of Christ (Heb. 10:20). Jesus Christ came and dwelt among us. The Old Testament is the lock, the New Testament is the key; what is the use of a lock without a key? Knowledge of the Old Testament is necessary to fully understand the New Testament. Learn more about the tabernacle and the accompanying rituals in this series.