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  • Lent Days

    5 Days 160x160

    It is easy to blame Adam and Eve for the misery of humanity and death of Lord Jesus Christ. The people who were living in Lord Jesus' earthly ministry time manifested their sinful nature. The traces of that sinful nature is found in each one of us. We are responsible for Lord Jesus' death.

  • Lent Through African Eyes

    45 Days 160x160

    Africans throughout history have shaped Christian thought and contemplative practice. Starting Ash Wednesday, explore the Lenten themes of prayer, fasting, repentance, and alms-giving. Sojourn with Jesus’ disciples from his baptism to Holy Week. Abide with him in temptation. Hear the crowd shout—celebrating, then condemning. Watch Simon of Cyrene carry the cross. Witness the crucifixion with Mary. Join a biblical pilgrimage to prepare your heart for Jesus’ passion and resurrection.

  • Enough: Lent Devotionals

    47 Days 160x160

    In God’s eyes, we are more than enough. It’s why He sent His son to reconcile us to Him. Though we may never grasp just how much He loves us, at Lent we can take time to reflect on all He did for us. It's time to reject the message that we aren’t enough, and instead remember Christ died for us, just as we are.

  • Journeying With Jesus - 40 Days Lent Devotional

    40 Days 160x160

    ‘Journeying With Jesus’ is a Bible plan to help us walk with Jesus through the last two chapters of Matthew. We stop to focus on Jesus' last days on this earth and what that means to us. How does that change who I am and Whose I am today? We will take time to dwell on Scripture and “bring it home” with questions that make us consider where we are on the journey of knowing Jesus.   

  • Lent Journey - 2016

    47 Days 160x160

    Lent is a time when we prepare ourselves for Easter. Lent Journey consists of 47 devotions to accompany us on this journey. We are invited to the undertake the journey with Jesus and thereby prepare ourselves for the two big events that are the pillars of our belief system - the crucifiction and the resurrection.

  • Lent Journey

    39 Days 160x160

    Lent is a time when we prepare ourselves for Easter. Lent Journey consists of 38 devotions to accompany us on this journey. We are invited to the undertake the journey with Jesus and thereby prepare ourselves for the two big events that are the pillars of our belief system - the crucifiction and the resurrection.

  • Sacred Holidays: A Devotional Leading Up To Lent and Easter

    5 Days 160x160

    In this 5-Day Plan centered around the Lent and Easter season, learn how to ask God honest questions while following Jesus.

  • 40acts: The Lent Generosity Challenge

    47 Days 160x160

    What if Lent was about giving out instead of giving up? This Bible plan is an adaptation of the full 40acts challenge. Our hope is that as you explore and practice biblical generosity in all areas of your life, you would experience its transformational impact. Each day contains a prompt for one act of generosity on that day's topic, with Sunday reflections summarising the theme of the acts that week.

  • 40 Days of Lent

    47 Days 160x160

    Lent has always been a time to turn our attention to all that has been done for us on the cross in Christ. This lavish gift can be meditated on year after year, and still would leave us to wonder in amazement. Through this reading plan, you will walk through the gospel accounts in chronological order, tracing the steps of Jesus during his last week of his earthly ministry. This plan is 47 days in length, but the seven Sundays are days of rest according to tradition.

  • Countdown To Calvary

    47 Days 160x160

    Join The Immanuel Temple as we Countdown to Calvary with this collection of scriptures recording the life, death, and passion of our Savior Jesus Christ. Through this Lenten Season reading plan, you will experience the love, miracles, grace, servanthood, death and resurrection of Jesus. Let’s all draw closer to the Christ as we walk with Him from Ash Wednesday to Resurrection Day!

  • On Calvary's Hill

    7 Days 160x160

    Early in the final week of Christ, the props and players for Friday's drama are in position. Only this is no play: it's a divine plan. All heaven waits and watches. All eyes are on the Nazarene. Draw near to the Savior and prepare to celebrate the greatest miracle ever conceived. Feel the passion. Sense the truth. Hear the promise. Death has no power.

  • 40 Daily Devotionals for Lent

    40 Days 160x160

    This study, brought to you by First15, is designed to accompany you on your journey through the Lent season, and provide encouragement as you spend time in God's presence and intentionally seek Him over the next 40 days. We hope this is a helpful resource for you!

  • Preparing Our Hearts for Easter: A Lenten Devotional

    40 Days 160x160

    What is Lent? It is a time in which we anticipate the victory of the light and life of Christ over the darkness of sin and death. As we journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter, we are reminded of the reality of our frailty and God’s redeeming grace.

  • Journey To The Cross | Easter & Lent Devotional

    12 Days 160x160

    What does the Cross reveal to us about who God is? How can we know him more intimately through contemplating Christ's crucifixion and resurrection? This 12-day plan invites you to prepare your heart for Easter as you journey toward the Cross, reflect on the events of Holy Week, and celebrate the Resurrection.

  • For the Joy Set Before Him

    8 Days 160x160

    The final week in the life of Jesus was no ordinary week. It was a time of bittersweet goodbyes, lavish giving, cruel betrayals and prayers that shook heaven. Experience this week, from Palm Sunday to the miraculous Resurrection, as we read through the Biblical account together. We will cheer with the crowds on Jerusalem’s streets, shout in anger at Judas and the Roman soldiers, cry with the women at the Cross, and celebrate as Easter morning dawns!

  • The Messiah Mystery: A Lent Study

    7 Days 160x160

    This plan will help you prepare your heart to celebrate the mystery of Jesus, the Messiah and Savior of the world. As you approach Easter, see how Scripture anticipates His coming by dropping clues along history’s path. There were clues in the tabernacle, the desert, the mountain, and even the vineyard. Join us as we unlock the mystery.

  • Lent: With One Voice

    46 Days 160x160

    A Lent devotional material created by the pastors of International Churches of Hong Kong, a guide for decisions, a vision of the future and a challenge to lifestyle. It is a subversive material that undermines contemporary assumptions and defies social norms. It is all of this because it is the Word of God as recorded by Mark and others, and therefore is about the transformation of people and communities.

  • The Beautiful Exchange

    8 Days 160x160

    Have you ever had an encounter with someone that completely changed your life? Maybe it was a chance meeting with someone who inspired you. Maybe you met the love of your life when you least expected it. That’s exactly what happens when you encounter Jesus! Except, when you meet Jesus, it doesn’t just change your life in the here and now... it impacts your eternity.

  • Lent Devotional: Restore

    47 Days 160x160

    This study, brought to you by Tearfund, journeys through the Lent season, and will encourage you to spend time soaking in God's goodness. Read and reflect on ways you can channel His restorative love throughout your life.

  • Lent: Journey According To Luke

    49 Days 160x160

    A Lent devotional material created by the pastors of International Churches of Hong Kong. Journey is intended to assist our route towards Easter from the Gospel of Luke, a devotional emphasizes the theme of ‘journey’. Both in Jesus’ ministry and His parables the notion of travelling is significant.

  • Not Lent but Given: The Here I AM

    7 Days 160x160

    Jesus wasn’t lent. He was given. Which means, Here is why Easter doesn’t begin with Good Friday, but Bethlehem. Here is why Jesus is not conditioned by the rules you keep, but you are positioned by those He kept perfectly. Here is why death is forever defeated and you can walk the pages of God’s Word with washed feet. Here is why you are rising, even now as you read, and resurrection doesn’t culminate on Sundays. Here is Christ. Jesus is the Here I AM.

  • Lent For Everyone

    53 Days 160x160

    Lent for Everyone is a devotional created and written by N.T. (Tom) Wright. For each day of Lent, there is a reading chosen from the Gospel of Matthew, plus a reflection by Wright. These readings have grown out of a project encouraging Lent reading in Northern England. This is the second in a three-volume series based on the Revised Common Lectionary of the Church of England.

  • Seven-Mile Miracle Easter Devotion

    7 Days 160x160

    The Seven-Mile Miracle Easter Devotion from Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick revolves around seven of Jesus’ final sayings on the cross. This seven-day study utilizes daily readings and practical applications stretch your faith in Jesus, the resurrected Son of God. For more resources, including a DVD study and small group participant’s guide, visit

  • Lost And Found: A Journey With Jesus Through Lent

    8 Days 160x160

    This eight-day reading plan walks you through the same journey Jesus led His disciples on before his death and resurrection.. OneHope develops Scripture engagement content, like this reading plan, to help young people around the world interact with God’s Word, accomplishing their vision of “ God’s Word. Every Child.”  

  • Risen

    5 Days 160x160

    Explore the mystery that changed history! Video clips from the film Risen and devotional content written by pastor, author, and speaker Ray Johnston will help you experience the power of the Resurrection like never before during this Easter season. Churches interested in the Risen sermon series kit should visit for more info.