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  • Face Your Impossible

    4 Days 160x160

    Are you facing an impossible situation? Faith can open the way! Following the story of Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea, this 4-day devotional will help you breakthrough to victory. Maybe you did hear God after all – and maybe this sea is a part of his will for your life.

  • Emmanuel - God With Us: Christmas Comfort for a Lonely World

    5 Days 160x160

    Emmanuel – God with us! The promise of a child born to save the world rings out to our spirits today with comfort and reassurance that in this pandemic, we are not alone. God is with us! If you’re feeling lonely or dealing with depression at Christmas, this 5-day devotional by Laura Woodworth will help you explore Jesus as Emmanuel: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

  • Love Your Enemy – Godliness in a Tainted World

    4 Days 160x160

    God has called us to live holy lives, lives without blame in a tainted world. But what do you do when you’ve been slandered or spitefully used or even cursed? This 4-day devotional by Laura Woodworth will help you access divine power to turn this enemy attack into an opportunity for God’s love and mercy.

  • Changed: A 5-Day Transformation

    5 Days 160x160

    Life happens, and sometimes it can get the best of you. If you’re frustrated, angry or depressed over who you have become, it’s time to be changed. Change can seem insurmountable at first, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. This devotional will connect you to God’s transforming power to become the person he intended you to be. Your change can begin today!

  • Safe – The High Tower Of The Lord

    3 Days 160x160

    Re-center your life during uncertain times with this 3-day devotional by Laura Woodworth. COVID-19 has left many of us wary and wondering of what the future – the new normal – looks like. The world isn’t safe, but for those who believe – there is a place of protection found in God. Re-center on the One who holds the stars – and your life in his hands.

  • 3 Prayers to Beat Monday Blues for the Business Professional

    3 Days 160x160

    Have you ever experienced Monday morning anxiety? Mondays can be incredibly stressful for business professionals, with panic and anxiety, often building the evening before. If you’re depressed about Mondays, these three scripture-based prayers, designed for the morning, noon, and night, will help you commit the day to the Lord and set a positive tone for your workweek.

  • Habakkuk – The Man Who Asked Questions

    5 Days 160x160

    Do you ever have questions you would like to ask God? Habakkuk’s conversations with God can help kids and families cultivate faith in difficult situations. Sometimes life is hard, but God always has good in store for those that love him.

  • Jonah – a Man With a Message

    7 Days 160x160

    The book of Jonah in the Bible is very short, but the message God gave him to share was very big and helped save an entire nation! Explore God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness in this Old Testament story and see how Jesus used Jonah’s story to teach about forgiveness. This story will help children grasp the concept of godly sorrow for sin and the joy God gives when we repent.

  • Adulting 101: 5 Tips to Success

    5 Days 160x160

    Who knew adulting could be so hard? You’ve looked forward to being out of the house for years and now you’re overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or purpose, here are 5 simple tips carried over from childhood to help you maneuver the challenges of adult life.

  • In Tune – Exploring the Father’s Love 5-Day Devotional Plan

    5 Days 160x160

    Does God really care about the details of your life? Based on the award winning short film In Tune, this 5-day devotional explores the Father’s love as we follow Jen, a professional violinist driven to succeed while distancing herself from her less-than-perfect childhood. If you’ve ever questioned God’s love for you, if you’ve ever felt alone or abandoned, this devotional is for you. Expect good things.

  • When Prayers Turn Into Anxiety - God's Word for Your Heart

    3 Days 160x160

    Have your prayers turned into anxiety? Have your heavy burdens spiraled into worried thoughts and sleepless nights? You may be praying for a wayward child, a sick friend or a long-held dream and praying all the “right” prayers, but if you’ve lost your peace, this 3-day devotional by Laura Woodworth will help you regain trust in God’s Word, even in impossible situations.

  • Stay at Home Dad (Or Mom): Find Yourself Again

    3 Days 160x160

    Have you lost yourself in mounds of dirty diapers? If you’ve transitioned from a career to being a stay at home dad (or mom), you may feel like you’ve lost your identity and purpose in life or even be fighting depression. This brief devotional by Laura Woodworth will help you maintain your sanity and regain your focus in one of the most important seasons of life.