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  • Habits

    6 Days 160x160

    Change isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible, either. Starting a few small habits can change how you see yourself today and transform you into the person you want to be tomorrow. This Life.Church Bible Plan moves through Scripture with a simple acronym for making good daily habits that actually stick.

  • The Habit Breaker – Ems Hancock

    7 Days 160x160

    If your life has ever been dogged by habits you couldn’t shake off or you struggle to believe you’ll ever be truly free, this devotional plan is for you. Ems Hancock shares biblical insights into the roots of our habits, how to break destructive behavior patterns, and how to replace them with life-enriching habits. Start your journey toward true freedom now.

  • 10 Habits Of Intimacy With God

    10 Days 160x160

    For way too long, intimacy has been presented as going to your church of choice, reading the Bible, serving, or praying. God is a relational God, who desires foremost to be personally involved with you in every aspect of your daily life. The purpose of this reading plan is to help define the habits of developing intimacy with God and for you to enjoy the experience of intimacy with Him daily.

  • Habits Of Happiness

    33 Days 160x160

    Join Pastor Rick for this series on developing the daily habits that will make you a happy person as he walks through Philippians, the happiest book in the Bible.

  • Habit Of Happiness

    37 Days 160x160

    Join Pastor Rick Warren as he walks through Philippians, and discover daily habits that will make you a happy person.

  • Building A Daily Prayer Habit

    7 Days 160x160

    We all want to pray more than we do. This seven day plan will guide you in taking the first steps toward building a daily prayer habit by seeking the heart of prayer and examining the key biblical statements on what prayer is and how it works.

  • Cultivating Habits Of Grace

    5 Days 160x160

    In this five-day video devotional adapted from 'Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines' by David Mathis, learn how spiritual disciplines can be life-giving channels of God's favor—allowing us to establish simple patterns that help us know and enjoy Jesus better.

  • 8 Habits Of An Influential Person

    8 Days 160x160

    No one wants to go through this life and not make a difference. This Bible Plan’s for teenagers who want to become an influential person and make an impact on people and the world around them.

  • Prayers Of Habits For Happiness

    5 Days 160x160

    Are you happy? In this guide from Rick Warren, you will be challenged to live a life that is full of joy. When we learn to relax in God’s grace and practice habits of happiness, we begin to understand the secret of true happiness that comes only through Jesus.

  • Lifehacks: Practical Tips For Godly Habits

    7 Days 160x160

    Tips and advice for incorporating valuable spiritual disciplines into your life! Each day’s reading offers scriptural wisdom and practical takeaways on topics such as prayer, wisdom, rest, worship, faithfulness, and character formation. Articles were selected from the 365 articles in the NIV Lifehacks Bible.

  • Daily Habits Of Marital Intimacy - 10 Day Reading Plan

    10 Days 160x160


  • Practicing The Presence Of God: Old Habits For A New Year

    5 Days 160x160

    The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence, is one of the treasures of Christian devotional writing. It’s a collection of notes, letters, and interviews that show us how to develop a conversational relationship with God right in the middle of our ordinary life.  This plan teaches us to integrate our work and faith, to chip away at that old barrier between sacred and secular.

  • Renewing Your Mind

    4 Days 160x160

    Renewing your mind to God's word is the key to lasting change. This short plan will give you keys to make renewing your mind a part of your daily life. When you do this, you will experience new life in Christ and reflect His glorious image to others. For practical ways to renew your mind in the area of health, visit

  • Renew: Romans 8 With Timothy Keller

    5 Days 160x160

    “Perhaps the most wonderful part of the book of Romans for me is in Romans chapter 8, where it summarizes how you change from the inside out—how you change deeply.” Spend five days walking through this majestic passage of Scripture with Timothy Keller and discover the perspective that transforms everything. This plan is taken from Explore Bible devotional.

  • New Thru 30

    30 Days 160x160

    The New Thru 30 reading plan from Elevation Church takes you through the entire New Testament in 30 days. This plan will stretch your mind, heart, and will to continue with an intense pace of Bible reading over the course of 30 days.

  • Fear Fighting In The New Year

    7 Days 160x160

    We all live with fear. It hangs around, whispering in our ears, reminding us of all we can't do or will never be. But that's not the end of the story. We also have a God who draws close to say, Fear not. I am with you. This Spirit transforms us into fear fighters. Get started on your journey to being a fear fighter in this new year.

  • First Things First

    21 Days 160x160

    This plan will focus on the foundational biblical principles every Christian should build their life on. This plan will help students focus on the Word of God, as well as discuss the necessity of having a prayer life and the benefits of spending time with God daily. We believe this could be the start for the great spiritual growth in a student’s life!

  • 21 Day Fast

    21 Days 160x160

    Start your new year with a focus on the spiritual discipline of fasting. This plan includes several passages about fasting and others that encourage reflection and closeness to God. For 21 days, you'll get a daily Bible reading, a brief devotional, reflection questions, and a prayer focus. For more content, check out

  • The Tailored Life

    5 Days 160x160

    You are not a prisoner of your past, because God is the architect of your future. So, you have some bad habits, or have made some mistakes. You can have a restart, a second chance. How? By living a tailored life. The Tailored Life is full of illustrations that will empower readers to live their best life, through a tailored life with God. Join me in living The Tailored Life. This plan, based on the popular book Tailored Dreams, is the second plan by Author Daniel Christian Bradley and helps you live out Acts 17:28, ”In him I live, move, and have my being.” Explore how your thoughts impact the success of your dreams. This plan will provide biblical commentary that illustrates how much power our thoughts have over our ability to live a life tailored by God. This 5-day plan will give you a jump-start into understanding that if you want to live better, dream better; if you want to dream better, think better.

  • A New Year Of Change

    14 Days 160x160

    Looking at how you can make changes in the New Year

  • Hello Mornings: Start Strong

    7 Days 160x160

    Instead of adding one more thing to the list, Hello Mornings lifts the weight off women by revealing a grace-filled way to establish a powerful morning routine. This devotional from the team features seven days of devotions and Bible passages to encourage women to begin each day with God and underscores the how’s and why’s of doing so. Inspiration and motivation to grow with community and encouragement of personal spiritual growth are highlighted. If you’re ready to wake up for your life, and not just to your life, you’ve found a great place to start!  

  • Love Your Life Not Theirs

    8 Days 160x160

    We all have habits. Some are good, and others are not-so-good. But one thing's for sure: They affect every area of our lives - including our money. Over the next eight days, Rachel Cruze will guide you through seven money habits that can change your life - and your family tree - for years to come. Based on her book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs, these devotions will encourage you to stop comparing your life to the unrealistic world of social media and to start developing the kind of smart money habits that will help you find contentment in the life God's given you.

  • New Day, New You

    14 Days 160x160

    It's so important how you spend those first thoughts of your day - spending just even a few minutes every morning with God is your opportunity to get off on the right foot and set a positive tone. New Day, New You gives you that opportunity. In this exciting devotional, compiled from several of Joyce's most popular books, you'll experience a fresh word from God for each day of the year. Before you take on the challenges that life may bring, start each day with encouragement and strength, reminders of God's mercies, and God's perspective. Become the new you that each new day can bring!

  • Food Is Not The Enemy: Overcoming Food Struggles

    5 Days 160x160

    For many of us, food has become an increasingly complex issue that causes us to feel guilty, overwhelmed, or even hopeless. If you feel defeated by your lack of self-control or overwhelmed by thoughts and longings for food, join author Asheritah Ciuciu as she digs into Scripture and reveals the path to freedom. You’ll discover the joy of living free from food fixation by experiencing deeper satisfaction in Christ. This reading plan is adapted from Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction.

  • A Way Out

    14 Days 160x160

    Do you feel stuck in an old habit? Maybe you’re hiding shame in a dark corner of your life. God didn’t send Jesus to manage sin and death. He sent Him to destroy it. This two-week Bible Plan from Life.Church will show you A Way Out.