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  • 5 Next Steps To Overcoming Tough Times

    5 Days 160x160

    There are many obstacles, roadblocks and disappointments that we encounter on our journey in life while we are pursuing all that God has in store for us. We must learn that failure is not final and that set backs can become set ups for God’s plan to be revealed in our lives. Some circumstances may knock us down, but they can’t knock us out of the will of God. Through His love, His Word, and His guidance God empowers all of us to get back up, become resilient and overcome tough times.

  • Fall Forward: A Journey Of Struggle, Strength And True Forgiveness

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    Life will kick you in the gut. It’s never a matter of If, but When. Whether a diagnosis, a death, or failure, life will happen. When it does, you have to decide whether to fall down and stay down or to fall forward. This five-day devotional offers a path to true forgiveness and healing. Hope, peace, and wisdom are not a matter of choice, but of survival.

  • Next Steps To Fulfilling God’s Plan For Your Life!

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    Sometimes in life we find ourselves still dreaming the dream but not living the dream. We reach a place called “Stuck,” which has the potential to lead to discouragement and unhappiness. God’s Word can equip you to hurdle the obstacles that are keeping you from following His plan and equip you to take the necessary Next steps to fulfilling His purpose for your Life.

  • Dream Testers - When God's Plan Takes You Through The Fire

    3 Days 160x160

    The life of Joseph is one of the most amazing stories in the Bible. It displays the faithfulness of God that causes him to experience great victory after going through some of the most painful and difficult times in his life. Through rejection, betrayal, false accusation, bondage and despair, Joseph rose from the ashes of yesterday and walked into the divine destiny that God had for him.

  • Beautifully Broken

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    Inspired by a true story, this plan conveys some of the truths found in the film Beautifully Broken.  A refugee’s escape, a prisoner’s promise, and a daughter’s painful secret converge in this inspiring true story of hope. As three fathers fight to save their families their lives become intertwined in an unlikely journey across the globe where they learn the healing power of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

  • Dating In Black & White: Boundaries, Sex & Reality

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    Tired of dating disasters, disappointments, and train wrecks? This five-day devotional will cut straight to the chase and lay out a practical plan that will help promote a healthy and enjoyable dating experience by sharing proven principles and tips that can be applied throughout the journey of exploring the relationship.

  • Kiss Dating Hello

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    Whether you’re single or divorced, the idea of dating can be overwhelming at times. It’s easy for your emotions to get overwhelmed with the feelings that come with past failed relationships. The heartache, tears, disappointment and hurt can leave you never wanting to date again. This reading plan will guide you on a journey that will introduce you to dating and making intentional decisions for your next relationship.