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  • Genesis Explained Part 1 | Origins

    12 days 160x160

    Every hero has a backstory. Genesis 1-11 is the backstory on the universe, mankind, family, faith, life, death, and much more. Genesis takes us to the very roots of our family tree--how it began and where it all went wrong. Join Through the Word as we guide you through the epic stories of Genesis with clear explanation and compelling audio in just minutes each day.

  • 7-Day Commentary Challenge - Genesis 1-3

    7 Days 160x160

    This seven day reading plan is from the Everyday Bible Commentary on Genesis 1-3. Readers will discover the biblical significance of the Creation story. The commentary is accessible, challenging and doesn't require a degree in Hebrew to understand.

  • The Bible Explained In 90 Seconds | Genesis 1-11

    12 Days 160x160

    Ever wonder what the big idea of a chapter of the Bible is, or how it fits into the Bible? Want an overview, but are a little short on time? How about 90 seconds? Join us as Through the Word explains the opening chapters of Genesis - in 90 seconds.

  • Parasha Minute: Genesis / Breisheet

    31 Days 160x160

    31 days of 1-3 minute practical insight based on the week’s Parasha—the Jewish annual reading guide covering the first 5 books of the Bible, Torah. Daily Words on the Book of Genesis / B’reisheet include B’reisheet (In the beginning), Noach (Noah), Lech Lecha (Get yourself out) and Vayera (He appeared). Revisit with Hebraic perspective, old and new words inspired by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) pointing us to Yeshua (Jesus).

  • Book By Book 1: Genesis To 2 Samuel

    89 Days 160x160

    This part of the reading plan includes selected chapters from each book of the Bible from Genesis to 2 Samuel. Reading some of each book will give us insight into all of the Bible. We will discover that it contains both stories and instruction and will help us understand God and ourselves better.

  • God’s Story Is Our Story: From Genesis To Jesus

    246 Days 160x160

    Make God’s story your story. This plan will help you do that by providing an overview of scripture, and showing how it fits together as one unified story. We highlight three themes through daily scripture readings, Bible Project videos, and original devotions: 1) Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament. 2) God’s mission to restore creation. 3) God’s surprising grace in the face of human idolatry, evil, and injustice.

  • Reading The Bible In Historical Sequence Part 1

    31 Days 160x160

    In the beginning was the Word, but what came next? This plan is for anyone who wants a better understanding of the Bible. It provides a chronological reading program that endeavors to place all biblical passages in their date order. Part One of this twelve-part one-year reading plan covers the first 2,500 years: From Perfect Creation to Slavery.

  • The Essential 100® Bible Challenge–1–In The Beginning

    5 days 160x160

    The Essential 100® Bible Challenge is a simple tool to read through the Big Story of God's Word. The reading plan is based on 50 Old Testament and 50 New Testament passages. Begin with the first part "In the Beginning." ®Produced by American Bible Society in partnership with Scripture Union, Inc.

  • Love This Book - Part 1

    105 Days 160x160

    In part one of the Love This Book plan, we look at God's plan for his creation and the response when humans rebel against that plan. Beginning in Genesis, and working through to Judges, we'll look at the people, the land, and the law of the Kingdom of God.

  • Two-Year Bible Reading Plan: Volume 1

    365 Days 160x160

    Volume One of the Riverside Church Two-Year Bible Reading Plan allows you to read Genesis through 2 Chronicles, the New Testament and Psalms in one year. This Bible reading plan is adapted by one compiled by Scottish preacher Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843.) You will also find daily devotionals matching these readings in D.A. Carson’s For the Love of God Volume One.

  • Releasing His Presence

    5 Days 160x160

    A Devotional Reading Plan based on a sermon by Randy Frazee on the story of Easter as seen through the passages of Genesis 1-3, Exodus 26.31-35, Matthew 27.50-51

  • Gospel Foundations

    7 Days 160x160

    In volume 1 of Gospel Foundations – The God Who Creates , you will explore what happened “in the beginning” as God laid the foundation of the earth and then established a path for the redemption of His people through His covenant with Abraham. This study shows God’s good purpose in creation, specifically by positioning humankind to bear His image and glorify Him through our rule over creation, our relationships with Him and one another, and our work and service for Him. 

  • Daily Bible Reading — Sustained by God’s Word of Promise

    31 days 160x160

    Daily Bible Reading is designed to facilitate consistent interaction with the Bible. It includes background information on each day’s Scripture passage and key verse for meditation, reflection questions to help you dive deeper into Scripture, a prayer and prayer concern to help you connect to God and be of spiritual support to others. Journey with us this month as we explore the theme “Sustained by God’s Word of Promise.”

  • Three Words From The Creation

    4 Days 160x160

    The Creation of the World, as it is described in the Book of Genesis, draws attention to believers and various commentators. Within these beautiful descriptions we find many insights, which could fill a thousand books. We will try to present here a few of these interesting ideas that can help each and every one of us. These ideas present a different way of looking at Genesis 1.

  • A Father’s Blessing

    3 days 160x160

    Vance K. Jackson leads readers in this generation-shifting, wisdom-packed, life-changing devotional. David, had come to the end of his reign and had finished his assignment. David, a Father and king pronounced this powerful blessing over his people and over the future king — his son king Solomon. Fathers break cycles. Fathers impart. Let God lead your heart and lips as you read this powerful cycle-breaking devotional.

  • An In-Depth Study On Messianic Prophecy

    5 days 160x160

    Does Jesus exist only in the New Testament? Can we confidently say Jesus was the messiah spoken of in the Old Testament? This 5 day, in depth study will plunge into Messianic Prophecy in the Old Testament with Gen. 3:15. Learn how to find Jesus in the Old Testament!

  • Love This Book Kids - Part 1

    105 Days 160x160

    This kids plan is a simplified version of the adult Love This Book reading plan. In Part 1 of the Love This Book Kids plan, we look at God's plan for His creation and the response when humans went against that plan. Beginning in Genesis and working into 1 Samuel, we'll look at the people, the land, and the law of the Kingdom of God.

  • What Is My Mission?

    7 Days 160x160

    Isn't there more to life? What am I here to do? Your mission at work - and all of life - will become clear as you discover your role in God's incredible story. This 7-day reading plan will provide you a better understanding of God's command to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1, sometimes called the "cultural mandate," and how to apply it to your life. On each day, you will get a Bible reading and a brief devotional that will help you clarify your mission.

  • Uncovering The Wisdom Of The Scriptures

    5 Days 160x160

    The reflections in The Message Devotional Bible are intended to let the wisdom of the Scriptures settle more fully into your spirit. In this devotional, we'll get a taste of Eugene Peterson's insights on Scriptures from Genesis through Jesus's parables and the epistles of John. As Peterson writes, "It's my . . . privilege to walk with you through the Scriptures. I come as a guide as well as a fellow traveler. Traveling mercies for us both."


    13 days 160x160

    Work takes up the majority of our waking hours; it is the most significant activity in our lives. This makes sense if we look through Genesis 1–2 and see that work is the first command we receive from God. We were created to work with God in stewarding his creation. In this series we will look at different dimensions of our work in light of God’s word.

  • Word On The Street - III

    34 Days 160x160

    This gospel-friendly, reader-friendly plan is designed to be read on weekdays and walks you through the first two acts of the Genesis story (chapters 1-11 and 12-25), Paul's letter to the Philippians and selected readings from the Psalms and the New Testament. It's paired with a devotional for meditation to guide you through enjoying the Gospel everyday.

  • The Prayer That Turns The World Upside Down

    5 Days 160x160

     The Lord’s Prayer has been domesticated and tamed, turned into a safe series of comforting words and made familiar by repetition. In reality, writes Dr. Albert Mohler, the Lord’s Prayer turns the world upside down, toppling every earthly power and announcing God’s reign over all things, in heaven and on earth. The Lord’s Prayer is the most powerful prayer in all the Bible, taught by Jesus to his own disciples. This generation of Christians desperately needs to relearn the Lord’s Prayer and learn from Christ himself how we are to unleash the power and discipline of prayer.

  • God's Story is Our Story: From Acts to New Creation

    110 Days 160x160

    Make God’s story your story. In this plan, we pick up the story after the resurrection. We highlight three themes through daily scripture readings, Bible Project videos, and original devotions: 1) Jesus as the message and mission of the church. 2) The scope of that mission to all nations and all of creation 3) God’s surprising grace in the face of human evil.

  • My Utmost For His Highest

    30 Days 160x160

    For over eighty years Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest has been one of the most widely read books in the Christian world. Now we are pleased to release this special edition of thirty devotionals selected from My Utmost for His Highest, designed to introduce a new generation to the timeless truths of Scripture as taught through the enduring words of Oswald Chambers. These selections also include Oswald Chambers’ personal prayers with each devotional.

  • Proverbs

    31 Days 160x160

    This plan will allow you to read one chapter of Proverbs each day. The Proverbs are filled with wisdom that has survived generation after generation, and will lead you down the path of righteousness.