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  • Easter Artifacts

    5 Days 160x160

    What artifacts do we have that support the amazing events of Easter? This 5 day devotional walks you through five significant artifacts and the role they play to show us the reliability of the events of Easter week.

  • Why Easter?

    5 Days 160x160

    What’s so important about Easter? Why is there so much interest in a person born 2,000 years ago? Why are so many people excited about Jesus? Why do we need him? Why did he come? Why did he die? Why should anyone bother to find out? In this 5-day plan, Nicky Gumbel shares compelling answers to those very questions.

  • Seven-Mile Miracle Easter Devotion

    7 Days 160x160

    The Seven-Mile Miracle Easter Devotion from Elevation Church and Pastor Steven Furtick revolves around seven of Jesus’ final sayings on the cross. This seven-day study utilizes daily readings and practical applications stretch your faith in Jesus, the resurrected Son of God. For more resources, including a DVD study and small group participant’s guide, visit

  • Easter Meditations

    4 Days 160x160

    These audio meditations will guide you by the Holy Spirit to explore Holy Week using your divine imagination. You will encounter Jesus washing His disciple's feet on Maundy Thursday. You will be at the foot of the cross on Good Friday. Reflect on sharing the Good News on Holy Saturday. And end watching Martha remember the words of Jesus as she peers into the empty tomb on Resurrection Sunday.

  • The Easter Experience

    6 Days 160x160

    Based on the cinematic study The Easter Experience, this devotional will leave you thinking Easter changes everything. Themes include redemption, forgiveness, compassion, and love.

  • Easter 2017: I Am

    8 Days 160x160

    This Easter, find out who Jesus says He is and what that means for your life as we explore the eight powerful "I am" statements found in the Gospel of John.

  • Our Daily Bread Easter: Amazing Grace

    10 Days 160x160

    Discover more about God's amazing grace as you read these 10 Easter reflections from Our Daily Bread.

  • Easter In The Kingdom By Edmound Teo

    7 Days 160x160

    It’s Easter time again and we’re inviting you to celebrate and journey through the week with us. This devotional, written by Edmound Teo, will show you what Easter should be like in His Kingdom. By reading this 7 day plan finishing Easter Sunday, you are applying into your lives the fruits of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

  • Easter: Begin Again

    8 Days 160x160

    What if you could begin again? A clean slate. A new life! That’s what Easter is all about! It’s a fresh canvas upon which God can make something new and beautiful. In this study, we'll walk through the journeys of eight people who encountered the Lord as we discover how the resurrection of Jesus can change your life and give you hope for a new future. 

  • Easter: Hope Renewed

    5 Days 160x160

    Easter is not about chicks and bunnies. Scripture describes Jesus’ experience to purchase our forgiveness, but His death was not the end of the story. Easter is hope, renewal, mercy and grace. Each day of this devotional contain a short (1-2 minute) audio message. The guests share their thoughts and experiences about renewal in their lives. They will help you focus on the mercies and hope God extends to you.

  • Easter - Victory Over Death

    5 Days 160x160

    This 5-day plan will help you know the true meaning of Easter. Jesus endured terrible suffering and even death for you to have life. Are you ready to experience this victory over death that we have in Jesus Christ? Your life will be transformed!

  • Easter: Beyond The Bunny

    6 Days 160x160

    In today's culture we rarely think beyond the Bunny when it comes to celebrating Easter. Join us during our six day journey, to find how much you really know about Easter, and how you can celebrate Easter Beyond the Bunny.

  • Celebrate Easter Passion Week in Prayer

    8 Days 160x160

    This Easter Passion Week, celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection through a series of short audio prayers on hope. His death put an end to death, and His resurrection brings the resurrection of all things. Allow wonder, marvel and gratitude to fill your heart today because of Jesus’ victory. We are forgiven, we are beloved and we are His! -Author @ScottyWardSmith

  • Easter: The Worship Initiative

    40 Days 160x160

    The Worship Initiative's 40-day reading plan is designed for commemorating and meditating on Christ Jesus in the days leading up to Easter.  This devotional plan will deepen your faith in Jesus, and it will encourage you as you reflect on His life, death, and resurrection.  Download the worship songs as a companion on this journey!

  • Our Daily Bread: The Promise of Easter

    10 Days 160x160

    The following devotionals are designed to help you in your spiritual journey. Each article has been selected to help you understand more about God's love for you, and we hope that through these readings you will find encouragement, comfort, and true peace this Easter season.

  • Women In The Easter Story

    7 Days 160x160

    Prepare yourself for the Easter celebration by participating in this week-long study for women. The many stories of women in the Bible who were involved in the death and resurrection of Jesus will encourage and inspire you, bringing you to a closer relationship with Christ on this holiest week of the year.

  • The Story Of Easter

    9 Days 160x160

    The story of Easter in holy scripture gives us exact times, dates, and sequences of the events during Passion week. This audio plan will walk you in real time through each day. We hope you will join us for what will most certainly be an extraordinary and life-changing experience.

  • The Passion - Easter Devotional

    7 Days 160x160

    The Passion New Orleans presents a 7-day devotional plan based on bible verses used in the original script from the live television event. The Easter special aired March 20, 2016 on FOX as a modern telling of the story of Jesus Christ through contemporary voices and songs.

  • The Story of Easter

    7 Days 160x160

    How would you spend the last week of your life knowing that it was your last? The last week Jesus was on earth in human form was filled with memorable moments, fulfilled prophecies, intimate prayer, deep discussion, symbolic acts, and world-changing events. Designed to start the Monday before Easter, each day of this Life.Church Bible Plan walks you through the unfolding story of Holy week.

  • Sacred Holidays: A Devotional Leading Up To Lent and Easter

    5 Days 160x160

    In this 5-Day Plan centered around the Lent and Easter season, learn how to ask God honest questions while following Jesus.

  • Christ Is Risen - An Easter plan by Matt Maher

    4 Days 160x160

    In every stage of life and the human experience, there is the One who understands what we are going through. We are not alone and suffering is not some sort of vague part of life. In the midst of suffering, we gain a greater understanding of what Christ did for us - No matter how dark things may seem, no matter how difficult things may seem, He is with us. Join Matt Maher as he takes you inside some of his songs that reflect upon the death and resurrection of Jesus.

  • For the Joy Set Before Him: An Easter Devotional

    8 Days 160x160

    The final week in the life of Jesus was no ordinary week. It was a time of bittersweet goodbyes, lavish giving, cruel betrayals and prayers that shook heaven. Experience this week, from Palm Sunday to the miraculous Resurrection, as we read through the Biblical account together. We will cheer with the crowds on Jerusalem’s streets, shout in anger at Judas and the Roman soldiers, cry with the women at the Cross, and celebrate as Easter morning dawns!

  • Hillsong Worship - Easter Playlist

    4 Days 160x160

    Easter weekend is the one time of year when Christians and non-Christians alike pause and take time to consider Jesus and what they believe about Him. In partnership with TheOverflow, this four day Devotional from Hillsong Worship dives deeper into the Easter message from four songs including a newly released single, O Praise The Name.

  • Journey To The Cross | Easter & Lent Devotional

    12 Days 160x160

    What does the Cross reveal to us about who God is? How can we know him more intimately through contemplating Christ's crucifixion and resurrection? This 12-day plan invites you to prepare your heart for Easter as you journey toward the Cross, reflect on the events of Holy Week, and celebrate the Resurrection.

  • Children's Guide to Easter

    7 Days 160x160

    4Soils provided this 7 day reading plan for children which shows Jesus' final days in Jerusalem, with colorful illustrations to help the story come to life. Read it together with your child to help them understand how Jesus died to save us our sins. The illustrations come from the Life of Jesus Bible App series (on iPhone/iPad), and guided questions help you to engage your child in discussion.