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  • Out From Egypt: Freedom On The Battleground

    6 Days 160x160

    Connilyn Cossette, author of the CBA bestselling Out from Egypt Series, examines the first six chapters of the book of Joshua, when the Hebrews had completed their forty-year wandering in the wilderness and were now ready to claim the Land of Promise. Discover how the history of the Israelites during this time can encourage you to fight the enemy and the flesh in freedom, already certain of the victory.

  • Cities Of Refuge: Running Toward Grace

    7 Days 160x160

    Connilyn Cossette, Christy Award finalist and CBA bestselling author, delves into the often-overlooked Cities of Refuge mentioned in both Numbers 35 and Joshua 20. This seven-day study will examine the history and purpose of these Levitical cities in order to discover how these cities are a portrayal of not only the perfect balance between Yahweh’s justice and mercy, but of our Messiah himself. 

  • Out From Egypt: Freedom In The Wilderness

    5 Days 160x160

    Connilyn Cossette, author of the Out from Egypt Series, examines the Hebrews’ stay at Mt. Sinai, a time of learning how to live as the free people they truly were and stepping forward into the calling they’d been prepared for during their captivity in Egypt. Discover how this ancient story sheds light on the challenges we face in the wilderness as we learn to walk in truth and freedom.

  • Out From Egypt: From Slavery To Freedom

    6 Days 160x160

    Connilyn Cossette, author of Counted with the Stars, examines the Exodus story; from the moment Yahweh called Moses back to Egypt and through the waters of the Red Sea. Discover how this ancient story sheds light on our own transformation—from slaves to sin, to redeemed and free. Come along on a journey toward embracing your own identity as a son or daughter of the One True King.

  • Cities Of Refuge: Refined By Grace

    7 Days 160x160

    Best-selling author Connilyn Cossette invites you to join her on this seven-day study inspired by her latest novel, Shelter of the Most High. Through the lens of the Levitical Cities of Refuge and the priests who attended them, we will examine the refining process for those who live in Covenant with Yeshua (Jesus) and be challenged to embrace both the joys and discomforts of being transformed into His likeness.