Hollywood Prayer Network On Christmas

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Our greatest Christmas gift is Jesus

"Christmas Gift Suggestions: To your enemy—forgiveness, to an opponent—tolerance, to a friend—your heart, to a customer—service,  to all—charity, to a child—a good example, to yourself—respect." Anonymous


PRAY: Dear Father in Heaven, I thank you for giving me your Son. I praise you and thank you for loving me so much that you sent your Son to earth to give me hope, joy, peace and love. And it all started at Jesus' birth. Christmas is such a joyful reminder of what you have done for me and I don't ever want to forget that. My heart is overflowing with joy! Thank you so much. Amen
REFLECT: Reflect on the overwhelming joy of knowing Jesus. We believe in the most radical person in history and we have the privilege of celebrating His birth. It's a miracle that it happened and a miracle that you believe it. Have you thought about what a gift it is that you are able to believe in Him and so many other people just can't embrace the truth of this whole season. Why you and not them?????
ACT:  Begin this Christmas week by praising God for what He did for you by sending His only Son to earth as a baby. Thank Him for the miracle of Christmas and how this one day has changed the world. Embrace the glory of both God the Father and Jesus the Son. And thank Jesus for giving you the Holy Spirit as His greatest gift.