Live Hope Minute: Become A Champion Of Hope


Three Parts of Hope

I’m on a quest—perhaps you are, as well. I’m wanting to discover what hope truly is—you know, beyond the cliché, finger-crossed wishing that I hear a lot of people mention. This quest has uncovered a couple ideas that might be an easy way to understand hope.

Hope is made up of three parts—faith, love, and vision. Faith says God is in this—it’s trusting, it’s the knowing beyond knowing; it’s the spirit part. Love is the action—knowing you are loved and then declaring the worth of every single person you meet. This is the heart of hope, its motivation. And vision is looking ahead with desire—it’s the why. It has a goal in mind (i.e., “I’m building God’s kingdom”). This vision is what guides us and keeps us living day to day with great expectancy of what God will do. These three elements, when combined and working together, can guide us throughout this year into a life of hope.

What additional elements of hope would you add to the formula?