Better Together: Connecting With God And Each Other


It Is God Who Works In You

We live in a world that applauds independence.  Success is found in having the most, being seen as the best, and managing all of that without leaning on anyone else.

Paul writes (from jail) to the Philippians about finding joy, not in having or doing more, but in knowing Christ.

It's tempting to rely on our own strength, abilities, and gifts to make it in this world.  In fact, the ability to truly depend on Jesus for each moment of each day is hard to imagine.  Why, if we were created to be dependent on God, is it such a daily struggle to surrender?

PRIDE - whether you want to admit it or not, at the heart of our failure to depend on God is a deep-seeded need to be the one in charge and a small voice that whispers, “I can do it better.”

“The truth is that self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated by pride and temporary success.  Rejoice in your insufficiency knowing that God’s power is made perfect in weakness.”- Sarah Young

God calls us to sole and deliberate dependence on him for everything, not just the big stuff.  Neediness is holy in the eyes of our heavenly Father.  It’s in the total surrender of pride and control that God can then mold us into the person he intended us to be and longs for us to become.

God’s will versus our own desire to be independent and in control is a daily battle. When we release the notion that we can do it better, we can lean more into becoming like Jesus.  Intentionally choosing to depend on God is part of what Paul refers to as “working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”


  • How would my life look different if I truly chose to depend on Jesus every moment of every day?
  • How is my pride keeping me from a deeper dependence on the Father?
  • What do I need to surrender right now to God?