Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 9

Talk to God

“God, help me have the courage to go wherever you send me to tell others about your Son, Jesus.”

Read the Bible

Acts 8.3-8, 26-40

Read about Philip who obeyed God and shared the good news about Jesus Christ everywhere God sent him.

Think About It

When you have really good news, do you keep it to yourself? Philip had the best news ever and wanted to share it with everyone he could. When Philip went to a city called Samaria, he told people about Jesus. Everyone crowded around to listen to him. What he told them made them happy.

Then, God told Philip to go to the desert. Why would God want him to go to the desert? Even though he didn’t know why, Philip obeyed. The Holy Spirit helped him to catch up to a chariot pulled by horses. Riding in the chariot was an important man from the country of Ethiopia. He was reading God’s Word. Philip helped the man understand that what he was reading from the book of Isaiah was about God’s Son, Jesus. The important man believed what he heard about Jesus, and the Bible says he went home very happy.

Do Something About It

If you know Jesus, you can share the good news about him wherever God sends you.

  • Think about what you know about God’s Son, Jesus.

  • With whom could you share this good news?

  • Go and tell it. You could make someone very happy with this news!

There is a verse coming later in this book (Acts 16.31) that will help you know why this news can make people so happy.