Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 8

Talk to God

“God, help me to know you are with me even in difficult times.”

Read the Bible

Acts 7.51-60; 8.1, 2

In today’s verses, you will read about a person named Stephen. He was the first follower of Christ to die because of his faith in Jesus.

Think About It

When you face difficult times—like when your mom and dad are angry with each other, or when you forget to study your spelling words, or your friends dislike you—what do you do?

When Stephen faced a difficult time, what did he do? Did he fight back? Did he yell at his enemy? Did he lose hope? No! According to today’s reading, he turned to God. When Stephen looked toward heaven, he saw Jesus. Jesus stands by his faithful servants in difficult times—even in death.

Do you know you can ask God to help you during difficult times? God promised that he would stand by you.

Do Something About It

Are you facing a difficult time right now? You can write a prayer to God. If you are not facing a difficult time right now, do you know someone who is? You can write a prayer to God about that, too. Ask God to help him or her.