Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 29

Talk to God

“Lord Jesus, please help me to bravely tell others about you no matter where I am.”

Read the Bible

Acts 28.16-31

Read these verses and see what Paul had to say to the people in Rome.

They made it! Paul and Luke, and those with whom they traveled, arrived in Rome. But this was no vacation for Paul. Instead of going to the local resort or hotel, Paul was placed under house arrest. That meant that he could live in a house given to him, but there was a guard that made sure he couldn’t leave. Paul was a prisoner because back in Jerusalem he had made the Jewish leaders angry by preaching about Jesus. Now that he was in Rome what did he do? He called together the Jewish leaders that were there and told them about Jesus. You see, Paul knew how important it was to tell others about Jesus. He spoke about Jesus whenever he got the chance. He was a witness—telling others about the Lord Jesus.

Think About It

If you know Jesus as your Savior you can tell others about him, too. Be a witness wherever you are! Every day, you probably see people who need to hear that Jesus died to take away their sins, and that he rose again. Maybe some people you know have not yet put their trust in Jesus to be their Savior. You can be the one to tell them, wherever and whenever you get the chance.

Do Something About It

  • List some places where you may have a chance to tell others about Jesus:

  • Write the names of specific people (family, friends, even enemies) who you know have not yet trusted Jesus as their Savior. Pray for them today. Ask God to give you courage to be the one to tell them about him.