Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 26

Talk to God

“Lord, please help me to remember to trust you for wisdom in difficult situations.”

Read the Bible

Acts 25.1-12

Paul is caught in the middle of a life or death situation. What will he do? (You’ll want to keep reading all the way to the end of this chapter!)

Paul was in a very difficult situation. He had been a prisoner for two years. The Jewish leaders wanted Paul brought back to Jerusalem. Their secret plan was to kill him on the way. But Paul was a Roman citizen! Roman law said he could not be moved to Jerusalem unless he was willing to go. Paul said “no.” Rather than having his trial moved to Jerusalem, Paul said he wanted to be heard by the Emperor in Rome. That was wisdom! Now the enemies who wanted him dead could not carry out their plan!

Think About It

Where did Paul get this wisdom? It came from God! God had already told Paul that he was going to Rome (Acts 23.11). Paul listened to God’s words and believed. That’s why he was able to act wisely in this difficult situation. Will you trust God for wisdom in difficult situations?

Wisdom—the ability to know what is true and right, and then act on it.

Do Something About It

Those who have trusted the Lord Jesus as their Savior can also trust God for wisdom.

  • As you read the Bible, pay close attention to God’s words and believe them.

  • Ask God for wisdom. He will give you all you need! (See James 1.5).

  • When God gives you wisdom, take action! Make wise choices. Choose wise words. Do wise things.

  • Thank God for the wisdom he gives.